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adrenln 02-24-2009 01:31 AM

I cant diagnosis this problem!!!! strange
first let me start by saying that i have a 55 gal mixed african cichlid tank. ive had an ongoing problem with the fish flashing on and off for months now. i wasnt sure what it was so i checked into the ph testers and try to keep that stable, nitrate testers to keep that low, and have even medicated even though i havent seen any signs of disease in the past except for constint flasshing on and off. (when they do it they do it alot.

now for the past week the flashing has become more apparent, almost all the fish are doing it as well as strange twitching and flickering of their fins. they also appear to have a couple of white pimples on them. multiple fish have them and they are on the sides of their bodies. i see maybe two or three in the fins of all my fish combine. also most fish only have 2-5 of these on each side of their bodies.

i immediatly thought i was dealing with ich. however, i read all about ich and their life cycle and i dont see these things moving or falling off. it just seems they are becomming prevelant on new fish. i wasnt sure what i was dealing with before i saw the white pimples so i medicated for paracites and fungus. that didnt do anything.

now i have a bottle of rid-ich ready to go but i dont want to over treat them. carbon is back in the water and i did a water change. just trying to find out if this is ich before i try to treat it AGAIN!!!!!!

it does not look like the pics i see and it is not a salt like sheet all over the fishes body. its like 3-6 pimples per fish just in random places but mostly on the sides of their bodies and on their scales. i really cant see anything on their gills maybe one pimple or something.

what do you think?

thanks for any info. i searched the web but havent fornd anything to fit the discription. if i wasnt for all the flashing i wouldnt even had noticed. i just know the pimples ar irratating them because of all the flashing. they even continuously try to swip at the pimples with their side fins.....this is noticable to see them doing this.????

aunt kymmie 02-24-2009 12:17 PM

It certainly sounds like ich to me. It doesn't have to look like the fish are completey covered by a salt sheet. Waiting to see sheets of salt on your fish may very well be too late to save them. When I had ich in my tank each fish had only a few white spots per fish and they were flashing exactly in way that you describe your fish.
When treating for ich you need to continue the med treatment for 48 hours AFTER the last visible white spot is seen. Is that what you did when you treated with meds prior? If it was my tank (and it's not!) I'd treat for ich, following the bottle's dosing instructions to the letter and be sure you continue treatment for 48 hours after you've seen that last visible white spot. I'd do a nice water change prior to the first medication treatment (remove the carbon from the filter) and after the course of treatment is completed do another water change and add the carbon back in to remove medication residual.
I used Kordan's Rid-Ich.

adrenln 02-25-2009 01:19 PM

thank you for the advice. yea, i decided to treat the tank yesterday for ick. previously i didnt continue treatment because i wasnt sure what i was tteating. this time i did buy the exact medicine you recommended, rid ich. i only have the first dose in ther and am about the do a water change and add a second dose.

hey you dont have to re-enter carbon to remove the rid ich in the tank between each water change do you? i didnt read that i just figured that the build up of ridich might be a problem since you are only removing 25% of your water during the change.


aunt kymmie 02-25-2009 02:23 PM

No, you'll add the carbon AFTER you're through medicating. You have the carbon out of there now, right? To me the most important key to being successful with med treatment is to continue the treatment for 48 hours AFTER the very LAST visible white spot is seen. That's really important. It only takes one ich "free swimmer" to start the entire cycle all over again.

Did I already post this article for you? Sorry if I'm repeating myself but it's very informative in understanding ich:

The Skeptical Aquarist

Keep us updated!

adrenln 02-25-2009 03:26 PM

ok thanks for the info. did the second dose today. some fish still have a couple bumps. still not entirely sure its ich but i dont know what else it could be. im will continue treatment for at least 3 days after no white bumps are left. its strange because i really have to look to see them but i know where they are.

i will keep you informed. the biggest clue is the amount of flashing

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