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Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:17 AM

Help with new reef tank please! :)
Hello, i currently have a 120g tank set up for salt water fish only. Today when i went to the fish store i bought a blue Hawaiian puffer and later that day when i went to a diffrent store in search of other salt water fish, the empolyes at the store said that i could add some coral frags to my tank. Since they were having a buy 1 Frag get 1 free i jumped on the sale... because i always loved reef tanks much more then fish only. I did not really think it through to much when i was buying these frags, but i did know that my lights were set up for reef tanks. but once i put theses frags in i was not sure were to have them sit on the rocks, and also within 20 mins my dogface puffer and blue hawiian were nipping at the frags. i quickly took my dogface and Hawaiian puffer out of the tank.. i am still not sure if i have the right amount of flow or how much the right amount even is. i know what i am doing with fish only but i have had fish only for 4 years and i feel that i am ready to step up to a reef tank. I am planning on getting a few softies to start off with, any tips, advice and help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance :)

onefish2fish 02-23-2009 01:27 AM

welcome to the forum.

first off, puffers are not reef safe. if you want a reef tank, return them to a LFS for store credit. second (and please dont take offense to this but) buying on impulse is going to lead to failure.

what kind of lights and bulbs do you have exactly? how much flow, and what kind of powerheads?
what kind of protein skimmer? sump? filtration? how much live rock? what else is in the tank? how much sand? how long has the tank been set up?

what are your water parameters?

Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:36 AM

hey! and ya i know buying on impluse was not the right move.. and 2morrow the 1st thing i am going to do is bring back both puffers to my LFS for credit and ya i knew they were not reef safe. and i am not 100% sure on the lights and bulbs that i have but they do have 3 different settings. a really bright white, a darker dimmer white and a blue. and i am not sure on the amount of flow i have how do i check that? and not sure on the amount of sand but its gotta be around 4 inch and i have a lot of live rock stacked up pretty high and my tank has been set up for around 3 and half years as fish only salt water... the other fish that i have is a Large powder blue tang, Medium sized blue hippo tang , Medium sized yellow tang, 2 six line wrasse(1 is tiny other is kinda large), Medium sized flame angle and thats it currently.
ya haha i can really use any help i can get i am despertly in need! :) thanks again man

Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:39 AM

also, the frags that i put in to day are not fully opend at all and i was also wondering how long it would take to get them to open up and if i should leave the light on over night or not for them to get used to it

onefish2fish 02-23-2009 01:40 AM

2 sixlines and no issues?
the flame angel may bring issues to coral.

your sand bed sounds pretty good. do you know the brand/model powerheads? knowing this will allow you to calculate flow.

do you have a sump? size
protien skimmer? brand/model

i think now is a good time for some research and a chance to save up some funds. taking it slow and learning what is what will benefit you in the long run, save you lots of cash, and allow you to be more successful.

onefish2fish 02-23-2009 01:42 AM

do not leave the light on overnight, do you know what kind of frags they are?

your going to want calcium, alk, and mag test kits as well as suppliments to dose for them, a QUALITY protein skimmer (read reviews, some are garbage and others golden) and to figure out your flow and lights.

Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:42 AM

o and i also have coral line alge growing on most of my rocks for useing the overly priced purple up for a while, not sure on how much have the coral line alge will help with my swich to reef

Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:46 AM

kk i will turn the light off b4 i go to bed, and ya i know the 6 lines should fight but no not issue at all and do you think i should bring that flame angle back for store cred? and for my power heads it just says powerhead 402 in blue on both of them, the frags are 2 diffrent colors, green and orgen of polyps and 1 rock with 3 blue muchrooms and also i forgot the name of the other frag but its like green tin grass when it opens up but for some reason they are all closed and not doing much, openning some times but then closing

Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:49 AM

also not really sure were to see if i have a protien skinner or if i do what model it would be, and ya i know i have a lot of work and stuff to look up, but i am ready to make the change to reef and i know i will have to take it slow and no more buying anyhthing thing with out looking it up and learning more about it 1st

Saltwater beginner 02-23-2009 01:55 AM

o ya i have a protine skimmer hahh its just says Amircale in blue but it is a pretty big size peice

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