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Craigthor 12-29-2006 10:39 AM

Got me a new tank
Well just got our new tank and waiting on the last couple of pieces to show up via fedex next Tuesday. Here is the rundown of what we got.

Perfecto 75 gallon in Rosewood (beautiful color) with matching stand Versa Glass covers and 48" light with Aluminum reflector

Pen Plax Undertow under gravel filter ($20 from brother inlaw)

4 Marineland 1140 Powerheads

Magnum 350 Deluxe Canister Filter

THEO 300 watt heater

My brother inlaw is currently helping me build a custom limestone rock formation for the tank and next week after the rest of the supplies arrive I will be switching tanks. I really wanted to get a 125 gallon but there is absolutely now room in my house for something that big. so the fish will enjoy going from 40 to 75 a good step up as they are still pretty small.

On a side note I lost all my Soluci eggs the egg breeder that was in the tank got attacked and lost them. I do still have 35 Eureaka Peacock eggs that are doing good and the I have 15 Soluci fry in a netted area.

Hope everyone has a great new year.


musho3210 12-29-2006 02:19 PM

Nice, lucky on how your getting another tank. The 40 gallon can be a quarantine/breeding tank if you want to breed your fish. Or you can have another fish tank for other fish. Since you have a 75 gallon you should get a clown loach cause their awsome

Brandon 12-29-2006 05:40 PM

Nice post pics soon, how much did the 75g cost (not trying to be rude).

Craigthor 12-29-2006 06:12 PM


Nice post pics soon, how much did the 75g cost (not trying to be rude).
We paid $432 for the Tank, Stand, Light, Versa Tops it also came with an Emperor 400 Bio wheel Pro, 300 Watt Heater, fish cleaning reminder, el cheapo tank thermometer, net, and gravel cleaner. So if anyone is looking for an Emperor 400, 300 watt heater or gravel cleaner let me know as I won't be using them.

Hope to post pics soon, the brother inlaw is coming over tomorrow again to help with the custom rock sculpture so when the rest of my stuff arrives we can set up the tnak.


Craigthor 01-01-2007 10:25 PM

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe new year. Got the new tank set up and transfered 40 gallons from the old tank to the new one and all the fish. The fish seem to love the newly aquired space they received and got part of the new rock structure assembled and put in. We have 15 Soluci fry in a breeder net at the top of the tank and they are growing like crazy. Hopefully I can get someone with a digital camera over soon to take me soem pictures of everything and post them. Well hope everyones new year started out great.


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