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Agent13 06-27-2013 10:40 AM

The Africans in my bedroom
I guess I never really did put any pics of this tank up yet. It was a pain setting this up. It had a seriously ugly large intrusive overflow in the back that I ripped out and sealed the holes for the sump and switched to canister. Anyway here are the Africans in their 72! I'm not sure if you can see the pile of sand in the back...I honestly have NO CLUE what they are trying to do but the tank looks a little different everytime I look at it haha..I have no control here. (the black dots are from my camera..I'll take better ones fro my real camera another day)
This is honestly the slowest you'll ever see them. Speedy little psycho's

Agent13 06-27-2013 05:05 PM

help me stock the tank
Also wondering .. even those who don't keep African cichlids. Anybody have some really cool idea for a few more fish for this tank. ideally Mbuna male's? I want color(maybe) def different and no huge guys...Fusco is my one and only large dude in this bachelor pad. I am going for overstock and gonna double the filtration I already have (Eheim 2217) in a few months( I have time as you see they are all little right now). I don't care the price or how rare within reason. I just don't want an "average" Mbuna tank staring at me every night across from my bed. I don't care if you have no cichlid experience... just looking for ideas because I have a breeder that have incredible access. Aggression is honestly irrelevant to me only requirments are 1) Mbuna(most likely) 2) Male 3) awesome colors or just cool personality 4) not a made up kind by aquarists/ accidental breeders who don't care but an an actual "you can find in the lake" type.

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