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Mirta 02-19-2009 11:38 AM

Mysterious simultaneous death of ALL apple snails in the tank
I have a question: what could be the cause for a sudden mass death of all the apple snails in one of my tanks?
Recently I have had a lot of trouble (leakage) with my tanks and I had to change water a lot. To speed it up (I usually use 'aged' water) I applied some water conditioner Aquavital in two of my tanks. I was very careful about the dosage. It all went well.
Then I had to do the usual clean up in my tank at work and decided to use that conditioner as well. I might have been a bit careless with the dose - but only just a bit. In a couple of days I discovered that all my applesnails - about twenty were dead! One fish - a crooked rummynose was found dead too. But the rest of the fish population was perfectly alright - about 15 cardinals and neon tetras, black neons and rummies, ancistruses as well.
All my tanks have applesnails in them. Nobody was hurt, but the snails at work. The stuff container and the description note do not give any warnings concerning the snails. But something went terribly wrong... Oh yews, the temp was as usual - 25C - and the filter works well and is regularly cleaned. I would suggest that the fish - tetras - would go first if there was something wrong with the water.
That was a sad mystery, but maybe someone could kindly shed light???

jdm free 02-19-2009 11:43 AM

were they part of a cult and killed themelves at the same time?

1077 02-19-2009 11:54 AM

Do snails at work receive same foods as snails in other tanks?

Lupin 02-19-2009 05:26 PM

Mirta, what are the water parameters? Could you please run me in the ingredients of the AquaVital? Check your tapwater for possible copper traces.

Mirta 02-21-2009 10:58 AM

Sure - it's the same stuff: pellets for vegetarian catfish and granules. But anyway, the food definitely couldn't kill them all simultaneously.

No, they were not members of any cult - they were unfortunate family members.

I will test the water in that tank first thing on Monday. I do suspect something might be in the tap water. Copper is possible, I guess. I wonder how my neons and cardinals stand it...
I am surprised but I cannot find the info on the Aquavital conditioner neither on the packaging nor on the leaflet inside. It only says that it 'is a concentrated water conditioner for freshwater aquariums, makes fish-friendly and plant-friendly aquarium water out of tapwater, helps to protect the mucous membranes of your ornamental fish, stabilizes the ph, binds harmful heavy metals' - I wonder how it does the latter. I used this stuff in all my tanks. But I might have SLIGHTLY overdosed at work since I was in a hurry - had to start work.

Mirta 02-21-2009 11:00 AM

Oh yes - Aquavital comes from Germany.

How can I check for copper?

Mirta 02-23-2009 09:32 AM

I do not know how to check for copper. But I think the place has copper tubes. The water params are as follows: NO3 - 25 - I know it's high but I have just changed about 2/3 of the water, nitrites - zero, but could be imprecise, dCH >21, dKH 3-6, ph - 6.8 - 7.2. I cannot get a better test here, so that's that. But the fishes are alright but for two - one crooked rummy nose and one mummy guuppy is half alive.

Tyyrlym 02-23-2009 11:12 AM

Vertebrates wouldn't be affected by copper in the water. You can get a copper test kit at any fish store that sells saltwater fish. Or at least you should be able to.

pkennedy0219 02-26-2009 07:40 PM

well i know apple snails filter water through themselves so a lot of chemicals in the water could effect them. It is obviously something you did, not a freak natural accident (no offense to you).

Mirta 03-02-2009 11:42 AM

I quite agree - it was something I did, but what? Overdosed conditioner? But another tank of mine got the same minimal overdose and everything was fine... I want to bring more snails from home to work, but I do not want them to suffer. I wonder if I should do a complete water change in that work tank?

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