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blueblue48 12-29-2006 12:42 AM

for christmas i got a bunch of cool stuff and money, but my favorite gift was to myself!! i got myself 2 baby albino corydoras from exotic pets!! ones an inch and a half long and the others probly 2 inches? well anyways heres a pic, i figured my emerald green corydora was lonley so i got him so wierd friends!
this is a really good picture of them together scavenging, and since my 30 gallon is getting a little crowded im buying a 55 gallon, my friends grandma didnt want to sell her 100 gallon :( . its all good.

blueblue48 12-29-2006 01:07 AM

i guess no one likes albino corydoras.

blueblue48 12-29-2006 01:11 AM

they were only like 3 bucks a piece but it was really stressfull because i got them half an hour drive away from where i live and the streets were really bumpy!!

Nick 12-29-2006 02:34 AM

Patience. There must not of been anyone online ;) But nice looking cory's m8. You've got a good pair there. Hope your other cory likes them :D

blueblue48 12-29-2006 02:37 AM

yeah he kind of does, but hes a fullgrown cory so i think he thinks of them as youngsters :wink: i gotta go my goldfish tank says theres waaaaay too much ammonia but the fish arent acting strange or anything! there perfectly fine! im going to do a water change and then add an ammonia remover.

Nick 12-29-2006 02:41 AM

i wouldnt recommend using any of those removers in your tank. I would just do a bigger water change and test your water. Just keep doing daily water changes to get it down. :D

blueblue48 12-29-2006 02:44 AM

oh, ok. thanks! like 30% the first time then maybe a 20% every day or what? this has really never happened to me since ive only run 4 aquariums most of them being small and my 30 gallon didnt have ammonia troubles.

Melissa 12-29-2006 06:27 AM

nice fish

Lauri 12-29-2006 08:09 AM

I think they are adorable, we have a pair in our 10gallon tank.

joeshmoe 12-29-2006 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by blueblue48
i guess no one likes albino corydoras.

ive got 4 of these lil guys

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