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possibility 06-25-2013 06:46 PM

Possibly Predatory?
I have a tank that contains 4 angelfish, two pictus catfish (pimelodus pictus), a bristlenose pleco and three large golden barbs. It is a large tank that is suited to those fish but I fear for the life of the other inhabitants. I also have Candy cane tetras (rosy tetras) and Black widow tetras. They are not particularly large fish and I know that many tetras have been part of the "disappearing act" in which a larger predatory fish decides that they are a good alternative to their usual diet. My pims are very small as of now, and my angels seem to be ignoring the other species (they are much to busy competing with one another). My bristlenose pleco is four inches but is about as active as a rock during the day. Algae and vegetables are the only things I can imagine him eating. I know how large pims can grow though and of their predatory habits. I am worried that my beloved pictus catfish will soon become capable of eating the tetras. I am thinking of moving the tetras to a smaller tank, but it will need to be cycled a bit. I would prefer not to though. my father would not favor the idea. Please tell me what would be a good choice. I am not in need of any immediate action but I would like to know if my pims could and would in fact eat the tetras when they reach full size and if there is anything else I could do to prevent it.

Byron 06-25-2013 07:52 PM

This is a possibiity, and a likely one. Read our profile of the pictus

They are also better in a group, as it explains therein.

The barbs will also be better with more,

Be careful of the Black Widow Tetra, they can be fin nippers esp with angels.

It is best to provide sufficient numbers for what is there before adding others. Though no mention is made of tank size, and all these fish need space.:-)


possibility 06-26-2013 08:26 AM

Thank you Byron. The black widows seem to be mostly chasing each other and I have never seen them nip at any other species quite yet. I am definitely considering moving the tetras or perhaps transferring them to my friends 25 gallon tank until I can provide the proper accommodations. I prefer to keep the pims because when I started this tank I had my heart set on them and though my father says that I shouldn't I grow very attached to each individual. I sort of knew it was probably a bad idea when my father wanted to shoals of tiny tetras in this tank. Pims will swallow just about any fish small enough, and angels are at risk with very active fish. It is his tank too but from the start I knew that after cycling I would get pictus cats, and later angelfish. Thank you so much for your information. I just have that problem where I become very fascinated with predatory species especially catfish. Though I know enough about them not to make a completely stupid decision. My father and brother had their eyes on a juvenile red tail catfish. Now that I know would not have ended well.

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