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Tabby216 06-25-2013 05:19 PM

Molly Changing Color
I have two female mollies one entirely black and the other used to been all white. After a month of having them I noticed the white molly has some yellow colors on her body it is evenly distributed around her body so I don't suspect it to be velvet.

Also, the white molly sort of bullies the black molly like she's telling her I am superior to you kind of way lol probably this sort of behavior may be changing her color? I tested the water and it's all good ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate 10-20 range

Is this normal?

possibility 06-25-2013 06:06 PM

I have noticed that the coloration of some fish intensify as they become acquainted to their new environments, or if they are very confident or excited. Perhaps the yellowish coloration is in fact the natural color of your molly. Many white animals (especially albinos) have a yellow or cream coloration or subtle splotches of a similar manner. A fish put Into a new tank will appear pallid at times. I had an angelfish that appeared to be all silver with a few light greyish bands running down the sides. After a few weeks I found that the bands were actually a stunning black. They would sometimes disappear almost altogether if the fish was particularly stressed out. It should be perfectly normal for fish to change color a bit depending on their mood and the conditions they are kept in just as our own faces become flushed when we are angry and become pale when under stress or ill. Now about the bullying. Maybe adding another molly would help the situation. Many mollies are constantly displaying and competing with one another. This is usually reserved for males but there are sometimes oddities. My female beta fish want to kill each other so I ended up having to separate them so that their battle wound could heal. One of them had a badly shredded fin but she has healed nicely. The problem having two mollies (like two male swordtails or a pair of tiger barbs) is If one severely out competes the other it could become stressful to the victim and maybe even dangerous. Maybe adding another target or competitor for your bully would take the stress off of your black molly. Its recommended to do the same thing with tiger barbs. they constantly harass one another and if there are enough individuals in a shoal no one fish will suffer.

Sylverclaws 07-03-2013 09:11 PM

Usually it's black mollies or darker ones that get in gold flecks sometimes. I haven't seen it happen with white ones, but I'm sure it can. Sometimes mollies DO get in different colors, markings or get darker with age. It's possible she wasn't well cared for before you got her as well, this can cause their colors to become fairly dull. I had one that came in mostly white with a gold tail, two months later he ended up being a dark steely grey with a gold belly and tail and dorsal fin. =)

It IS stressful to them if they're bickering a lot. This is actually quite common if there is not enough room(mollies need a minimum of twenty gallons), not enough mollies to school with(mollies should always be kept in groups of 4-5+), and on occasion when pregnant they get reaaallly nippy with others in the area. Some worse than others, and some don't get that way.

It's also possible it's damaged scales. Add in some Stress Coat+ and make sure everything in the tank is as it should be. Stress Coat will help repair damage shoudl there be any, and lessen stress. Water parameters being off can also cause aggression. A small spike in ammonia or nitrites can do it. So make sure that's all at zero and that the water is nice and hard, mollies like hard water. They also like it warm, around 80 degrees. If things are too far off, they can get uncomfortable and be very grumpy about it. You can also add in some aquarium salt. They like brackish water, which aquarium salt doesn't really do but it helps, but it also will help up immune systems a bit. They may just be stressed out or not have the room and group they desire. On occasion though, you also get bullies. Best thing to do with a bully is find a tank with new mates that can handle themselves, divide the current one, or find it a new home. I've had females come as bullies and they will kill. =/

vinayak 12-01-2013 06:22 AM

black molly
they can give upto 40-50 new fishes

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