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dylan94 02-16-2009 04:17 PM

stocking 29 gallon tank
I am currently cycling a 29 gallon tank with 4 zebra danios. In the future (when there is much more algea) I will be adding 3 otos. I want to add a pair of cichlids. I was thinking of kribensis and convicts or maybe evn blue rams but i am not sure. I really need some feed back. Also I thought it would be cool to eventually add a school of tiger barbs but I don't know if that is a good idea.;-)

fishkid 02-16-2009 04:35 PM

Tiger barbs might be a bit iffy with delicate fish like ottos. I would avoid convicts and kribs, because they spawn too easily, and when they spawn, they get very aggressive. If you're going to go with rams, just remember that they need to be kept at around 80 farenheight.

veganchick 02-16-2009 05:37 PM

right now I would get one more zebra danio as they do best in groups of atleast 5

Cody 02-16-2009 06:08 PM

I would get 4 more to be honest. I think they act best, and look best in groups of 8+. They produce very little bioload, so your tank would be fine with the addition.

As stated, I would stay away from Tiger barbs if you plan on having a mated pair of cichlids and have Ottos. The barbs would constantly eat the fry, which would make the parents angry, which means cichlids on a rampage.

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