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Pasfur 02-16-2009 09:42 AM

Proper Acclimation of Saltwater Fish
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Today I was faced with having to quickly move a Clownfish out of my 38 gallon reef. I always plan for these unexpected events, and I immediately knew how I would handle such a situation.

Normally I would have used a few pieces of live rock from my display tank to set up a temporary aquarium. Luckily for me, I happened to have a tote full of live rock, so after careful consideration I decided to move the Clownfish into the tote.

First, I tested the water in the live rock tote. Satisfied with the results, I proceeded to move the clownfish.

First, I set up a gang valve drip system. Every fish keeper needs a spare gange valve and some air line tubing. In fact, I suggest that you have a number of supplies for emergencies such as this.

Here is what my gang valve drip system looks like:
Attachment 907

To make this work, you start a simple syphon. The gang valve is used to control the water flow, creating only a small drip. I set the drip at approx 1 drop per second for sensitive fish and 3 drops per second for easy fish.

Attachment 908

Next I found myself stuck without a pre filter sponge or intake for my power head. The power head is needed in the live rock tote for circulation. Without a sponge available, I decided to use a small basket to cover the powerhead. I simply cut a hole in the basket and threaded the power plug. This is an old fish trick that is used in keeping outdoor pond pumps from getting clogged quickly.

Attachment 909

I placed the powerhead inside the basket and covered it with live rock.

Attachment 910

Meanwhile, the drip method continued and the clownfish slowly acclimated to the new water.

Attachment 911

After about 1 hour of acclimation, I gently submerssed the entire bowl into the tote and allowed the Clownfish to swim away freely.

Attachment 912

This is how I acclimate all of my fish, freshwater and marine.

onefish2fish 02-16-2009 09:55 AM


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