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truman 06-25-2013 10:40 AM

Tank layout for fish
I am planning for my 60 gallon tank and I was wondering what the tank should look like for the fish. I am getting 4 angelfish, 4 bolivian rams, 1 red wag platy, and 6 cory catfish. Anybody know If i should make hiding places, lots of plants or other stuff like that? Also what food should I get for them?

Byron 06-25-2013 04:31 PM

We have covererd some of this in your various threads over the past week or so, but I will summarize here for you.

The angelfish will obviously be the main fish, so the tank needs to be aquascaped with them in mind. I posted a video the other day which shows one option, basically lots of wood and branches but no substrate plants, only floating plants. Another option is to plant the tank. In both cases, the plants/wood provide shelter for the fish, without which they will be more jumpy and stressed.

You need a substrate, and with corys I would definitely get sand. Quikrete Play Sand is very inexpensive and ideal; you buy it at Home Depot or Lowe's. For a 55g I would get two bags, you won't need all that, but it is good to have spare, and you may want it for another tank.

Food. Good quality glake and small pellet food for the angelfish and platy, sinking foods for the corys. Some say it doesn't matter about brands, others only use this or that. I use New Life Spectrum and Omega One mostly. They both make flake, pellet and sinking foods.

As treats, frozen bloodworm, frozen daphnia are good, once or at most twice per week, no more. I like to get my fish eating mainly prepared foods because they are more nourishing, and they are easier to deal with.


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