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wildman 02-14-2009 11:06 AM

Dying Danios
I have a 29 Gallon planted tank w/ 5 furcata rainbows, 2 signifier rainbows, a dwarf gourami, a peacock gudgeon, 3 otos,3 CRS, 1 thai wood shrimp, 2 amano shrimp and 4 (soon to be 2, by the looks of it) zebra danios (and 1 died a day ago). The sickly ones have sunken bellies and tattered tails. It appears that they have been bullied by the largest danio but one also appears to now have a bent spine. The gourami looks slightly less energetic and (maybe?) thinner as wel, fins are intactl.

All water parameters test out as usual, nothing out of the ordinary.

Is this long term bullying reaching its breaking point or something else?

FordMan 02-16-2009 01:15 AM

sounds like an intense vitamin defficiency what's their diet like. A lot of flake foods loose all nutritional values in about a year after being openied much the way human vitamin expire

FordMan 02-16-2009 01:44 AM

this can also be a sign of fish tuberculosis especially if loss of scales and curved spine is present you might also find red pimples on the fish

wildman 02-23-2009 12:52 AM

Fish food
So the food is about a year old and the danios and the gourami were purchased about maybe that's what it is. The gourami has since shrugged off this mortal coil as well. Since then, one of the female furcata rainbows (that I have only had for 4 mos) has also died. So there is a mixed picture.

I'm a bit spooked if it could be TB, I know that it is nasty to treat in humans...How do I collect a sputum sample from a fish???? ;-)

What's the treatment for TB? If it is TB

If it is vitamin deficiency should I get new food or just add vitamins(is this possible)?

Thanks for your help.

1077 02-23-2009 03:07 AM

You state that water parameters are normal or ordinary.Please define ordinary. Please describe water change routine. how often? how much? what conditioner? What test kit do you use? What temp is new water added to the tank? what temp is tank water? How often do you feed the fish? what types of food ? most fish do poorly with only one food offered. Any new fish added lately? Before I considered medicating the fish ,, I might try performing twice weekly 20 percent water changes for a while. I would also ensure that filter was maintained properly by rinsing out the media or cartridges in aquarium water during water changes. Sometimes we neglect the filter. I would try and provide a variety of foods that fish are able to eat easily. I would also be aware that sometimes despite proper maint ,feeding, etc fish die.

mitcore 02-24-2009 12:23 AM

golden gouramis are prone to having a broken back, i had one who had that and lived for mths

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