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Aquaripure 02-13-2009 08:41 AM

I wanted to post a good Q&A I recieved from a customer today.

I followed a link to your site and read all about your Denitrator filters. I have a number of questions I hope you can answer for me.

Currently I have two aquariums (a 29G with an Eheim 2026 canister and a 75G with dual Eheim 2026 and Eheim 2028 canisters). I have cichlids in both tanks and have them setup for maximum filtration as they can be messy fish trying for 5x tank size turn over per hour and both tanks have UV Sterilizers on output returns.

Your site says to use other filters for only for physical filtration when using a Denitrator. The Eheims have multiple baskets inside which hold either Eheim Mech for Physical filtration or Eheim Substrate for Biological filtration.

I presume I would not want to have any Substrate loaded in the Eheims. I presume I would still use the two Eheim filter pads (coarse and fine) in each filter as well.

1) I am unclear if I should leave the Eheim Substrate baskets empty or fill them with more Mech instead?

It seems like the Denitrator filter for my larger tank (75G) should be outputing 3 drops per second per your site. I am having a hard time grasping how this can be filtering the entire tank when this is such a small percentage of the flow I currently have going through the Eheim biological filters at the moment.

I am currently filtering hundreds of gallons per hour and would be dropping back to (3 x 60 x 60) 10,800 drops per hour for a biological exchange rate. I am not sure how much 10,800 drops is but it seems like it would take along time to turn over the entire 75G tank. I would have thought the Denitrator would have had a much higher flow rate.

2) Does the Nitrate level grow so slowly in a tank that this small Denitrator output flow can still handle all produced?

I wish you had some pictures on your site of the actaul Denitrator filter and and the coresponding input and outputs. It looks like the input pump attaches to the inside back of the aquarium.

3) Does the Input pump attach through suction cups or through some type of tank hanger and how long is the attached power cord?

I personally have replaced all the Eheim suction cups that came with my filters with Magclips which use industrial magnets because they give a much more secure connection and never come undone or wear out like suction cups.

4) I am wondering if it does use suction cups whether they can be removed and I could use a Magclip somehow instead?

I am also confused about how the Output hose is attached to the aquarium. Your diagram makes no effort to show how it actually attaches to the tank although you talk about adjusting the flow or possibly cleaning it.

5) Can you expand on exactly how the output hose is held into place and how easy it is to unattach and how secure it attaches?

I am also confused exactly how the EZ-feed system works. The diagram shows it horizontally on the filter head yet the EZ-feed page shows injecting in a vertical manner (cannot really see the actual filter, picture might be orientated wrong). It also does not make clear whether the injection can be done with the filter running or whether it has to be shutdown or how the injector is actually attached.

6) Can you expand on the EZ-feed injection process? Does Filter need to be stopped to inject? Does actual injector screw into place or is it friction fit on filter head?

7) Can you point me to any third party actual reviews of your product?

There are many aquarium sites or magazines that review equipment and I would prefer to see someone comment other than you or your customers opinions. You might want to send one or more a loner Denitrater filter for them to actually try out and review if you have not done so already and then link to those reviews off your site. Reviews can cover alot more than how the product actually works (i.e. quality, assembly, usage, customer support, instructions, value, long term care, etc....).

I am a consultant by nature and I think you could really improve your website by putting up some actual digital pictures of your Denitrator filter along with a PDF document (which could have the pictures) of the actually installation instructions, usage instructions, and parts list for download. You could also be explicit about what exactly ships in the box (length of cord and tubing, clamps, innjector, etc....)

Sounds like an interesting product and I want to hear more. I am not too happy to hear that it obsoletes much of what my Eheims are doing as they were expensive canisters (as well as the biological Substrate inside)"

Aquaripure 02-13-2009 08:42 AM

Thank you for your interest. As you have so many good questions I will repost this Q&A on the forums I sponsor.

1) You can leave the substrates baskets empty or put in more mechanical filters, just make sure you rinse or replace all mechanical filtration weekly or else they too will quickly become nitrate factories.
3 drops per second is a return of 54 gallons per week. There will be some inefficiencies so you can consider this to be the equivalent of about 25-30 gallon weekly water change. If you do not believe this will be enough then you can set it slightly higher, to 4 or 5 drops per second but you want it as low as possible while still getting the job done 100%.

2) The medium Aquaripure is not that small, 7 1/4" x 9 3/4" x 24 1/2", and there is a link to a large picture of it on the website,

3/4) Yes, they are small suction cups but I have personally found them to be adequate and they can be removed. I am not familiar with “Magiclip” but I assume you could fashion it to the pump somehow. The cord and the inflow and outflow tubing are all about 5.5 feet.

4/5) The outflow hose can either drip into a sump, another filter, or just on the top of the tank. I provide plastic ties so that you can secure it to any other cord or hose around so that it stays in place.
The filter stays running when you inject nutrient. An older model of Aquaripure had a vertical feeding tube but the new models have a horizontal tube. That is very observant of you; I need to update the picture, thanks.

6) You simply inject a needle less syringe into the tube and squirt the vodka or sugar water. The tip of the syringe fits exactly into the little piece of tube in the feeding tube and makes a seal.

7) Currently FAMA (Freshwater And Marine Aquarium) magazine is in the process of reviewing it but it will probably take several more months before publication. I agree that I should get the Aquaripure to more people to review. As we continue to do well and grow I will definitely work towards that. Thank you for all of your feedback, I will take it seriously. Feedback from customers like you is why the product is what it is today. I have made dozens of changes to the product design, website, and manual over the years thanks to customer feedback and this is why I enjoy such a high customer satisfaction rate today.

Kind Regards,

John Strawn
Aquaripure, LLC

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