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gweetgargamel 02-12-2009 06:39 PM

weird clear larvae-like parasites on my eel.
i have a 9 inch dinosaur eel that has been in the tank for about a month. he eats plenty and is pretty mellow, but has always had little freak-outs on the occasion (including gulping for air).
He likes to hang out in this rock with a hole in it, and it seemed like he had residue on his body from doing so.
For a few weeks it sometimes caught my eye, almost like he had little soft flakes hanging from his scales. But I looked closely at him today and his whole right eye was covered in this clear-grey film that is made up of tiny, soft larvae-looking worms (just like a mosquito larvae) that are actually moving around on his face and fins and all the way down his body. He has been swimming around a lot more today, like he's trying to scrape them off and sticking his face in the bubbles and sitting there. It's very clear they are bothering him. And his scales from his eyes back until his gills are changing color, turning very pale and grey, only on the right side.
The parasites are very small, i couldn't get a good enough picture. clear, maybe a millimeter or so, their bodies have little dots inside them. And they dangle from him when they aren't moving, they look like little cilia.
I've been looking and looking but everything I read about is either one thing or another, all of his symptoms don't fall under one thing. HELP! I freaked out and I did one ich treatment before i really checked it out... if anyone can help, please do!

catfishtabbi 02-12-2009 09:00 PM

I would treat for external parasites as soon as possible. I received a shipment of fish with EP's and they all died but i saved one when i finally seen e thread like worm on its mouth. I used jungle parasite clear fizz tabs on a sensitive gourami and it straightened my fish out in a matter of hours, he was swimming erraticaly and hiding too bad for the others i spotted them too late. You should make sure your fish species is not sensitive to the med you choose.Petsmart has a good selection of meds. Good luck

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