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bigblue736 08-12-2006 08:15 PM

404 Fluval/Loss of Pressure " Can any one help ?
Good day all

I recently purchased a new 404 Fluval Can Filter.I'm wandering if any one has experianced a loss of pressure with them.When I 1st set it up it had lots of pressure creating lots of tiny air bubbles.Now after 2 weeks it only creates a ripple across the top of the tank.This is my 3rd fluval in 15 years.My last one did the same thing where as my very 1st one never lost pressure.The 1st one I had was the dark brown canister.
Now, I'm not new to aqairiums.I've had a quariums for 25+/- .My pressent tank is a 77 gal Hagen.I now all about maintanace.I change 20%of the water every 2-3 weeks. Change the media regularly too.The way I set up my media chambers are like this.Bottom 1st is charcoal,2nd chamber-charcoal with ploywool on top,3rd & 4th chamber is Bio Stones.
My fish species are 2 Clown Loaches.1 Bala Shark,1 Bossmani Rainbow and 1 Pleco.My fish are about 9 years old.My largest Loach is about 6" and my Shark is 8".I feed them mainly Freeze Dried Tubifix and supplement with Frozen Blood Worms and Brine shrimp.

Anyway,if some knows anything about the loss of pressure I'd like to here it.

Bryson06 08-12-2006 09:11 PM

ive got a xp2 rena.... and it only makes a ripple across the top of the water with the jet attachment. Is that bad? but there are no air bubbles seems to be pumping strong... it pumps 300 gph

SKAustin 08-20-2006 04:48 PM

The air bubbles are a result of air pockets within the unit. As the unit forces out all of the air, the bubbles stop. This is not a loss of pressure, it is normal operation. It only appears as a loss of pressure because there is only clean water exiting the outlet with no visual representation for how fast the water is actially moving. if you place your fingers in the tank, and feel the force of the water exiting the outlet, you will find that there is still susbstantial flow. Hope that puts your mind at ease. :D

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