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Blaxicanlatino 02-11-2009 07:25 PM

Big or small bubbles?
I have a DIY yeast CO2 generator hooked to a air tube that leads to the aquarium. My problem is that when the a bubble emerges from the tube, its a big bubble. I want small bubbles so that they wil dissolve better. I dont want to use an airstone because an airstone tends to get a clear film over it. Is there anyway i can make small bubbles that will not get a clear film on it? Tanks

Tyyrlym 02-12-2009 10:24 AM

It's a function of the tubing. I don't think you're going to be getting smaller bubbles out of just the tube. The residence time of a bubble is also far too short to get much out of it. I've seen some ideas for DIY reactors that would be a better solution. Alternately you can just make the airstone a maintenance item and replace it regularly.

Blaxicanlatino 02-12-2009 11:03 AM

I see I see. but what about putting a small piece of sponge in it? or maybe even a wooden one?

Tyyrlym 02-12-2009 11:09 AM

Anything that will break up the bubbles will likely work. A sponge or wooden airstone will serve the same purpose as a ceramic one. The downside is that the residence time of an unrestrained bubble still sucks. You'd be better off with something to increase the contact time between the bubble and the water.

In fact I'm a little curious about the film you mentioned. Is it purely a consequence of running CO2 through a stone? I ask because I had an airstone in my tank for 3 months and never had a problem with it running air.

Blaxicanlatino 02-12-2009 09:12 PM

i think i know what your saying: the co2 solution is siphoning into the aquarium. Well i have a check valve. And Ive had the white film even back when the same tube and airstone was hooked to a simple air pump and i still had the clear film on the airstone. IVe heard of others on this forum that had the same problem. REsearch on this has shown that there still is an unknown reason for the clear film. When you say to increase contact time, do you mean to shorten the tubing?

onefish2fish 02-13-2009 05:11 AM

the clear film is prob. yeast or sugar build up. increasing the contact means the amount of time the bubble is in the water to be more efficient. the longer the contact the more co2 that gets into the water rather then a bubble floating to the surface and popping releasing the gases.
the order of most efficient to last- a diffuser would prob. be the best way of going, then would prob. be having the bubble get sucked into your filter first, then an air stone, then just having it come straight out of the tubing. im sure there are other methods in between.

Tyyrlym 02-13-2009 09:00 AM

The CO2 bubble, if left to just float up, is only in contact with the water maybe 2 or 3 seconds before it surfaces and releases that gas into the atmosphere. That's very little time for gas exchange to occur so very little of that CO2 is getting into the water. It's better than no CO2 injection but not by much. What you want to do is use a device that maximizes the amount of time the bubble contacts the water. The longer it does the more gas makes it into the water.

As you can see the bubbles enter at the bottom and then have a long tortuous path up and out of the device. This maximizes contact time between bubble and water. There are other, more complex designs you can buy and simpler ones you can make. Personally I like this design as a sort of middle of the road solution.

Blaxicanlatino 02-13-2009 10:34 AM

i just have a bell like hold by cutting a water bottle in half then putting the tube through the cap, that way when the bubbles emerge, they are trapped in the bottle top.

Jessica 02-13-2009 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by Tyyrlym (Post 171131)

Do you have a link for where I could find this?

Rikesh 02-14-2009 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by Blaxicanlatino (Post 171154)
i just have a bell like hold by cutting a water bottle in half then putting the tube through the cap, that way when the bubbles emerge, they are trapped in the bottle top.

I agree. I use a simple DIY bell made of a small plastic soda bottle.

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