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warrior32 02-11-2009 01:13 PM

new here
okay well im new to this site but not new to aquariums just saltwater. I cannot find the answer im looking for . I want to know if i use a hang on power filter in a tank with a pair of clowns 5 chromis and 3 yellow tail damsels if my tank will be okay.. i know most people recommend you get a protein skimmer and all that stuff becuase most people are stuck on what they hear but i've read a tank with live rock FOWLR andgood water circulation can suvive and do well with just a power filter thats large enough to take all small particles out of the water. If i do 25% water changes weekly and eventully upgrade to a octopus HOB protein skimmer will my tank do ok. for a few months i knwo i have to let the tank cycle for 4-6 weeks before i add any fish

warrior32 02-11-2009 01:26 PM

the filter is a imagine gold bio system power filer 350 Gph with oxy surface skimmer

aunt kymmie 02-11-2009 02:55 PM

I don't really know anything about saltwater setups but plenty of people here do. I just wanted to welcome you to the forum :-D

willow 02-11-2009 04:07 PM

same here,just want to welcome you.
i'm sure someone saltie will be along soon.

Pasfur 02-11-2009 06:44 PM

The answer is... kind of.

In saltwater tanks you do not want a biofilter of any type. Biological filters introduce Nitrate into the aquarium, which we need to keep extremely low. As a result, adding a biological filter to a marine aquarium with sufficient live rock will not improve water quality, it will degrade water quality.

The live rock will serve as all the biological filtration that is necessary for a marine aquarium. You fail to mention the tank size, but given the bioload you have named I hope you have at least a 29 gallon tank. These fish should fit comfortably into this setup, and with 20 - 30 pounds of live rock you will be in good shape.

If this were my tank, i would use the HOB filter for water movement and activated carbon use only. The activated carbon will help to remove organic waste, similar to a protein skimmer, although not nearly as effective. Given the fish you have selected, this setup should be fine. If you have any desire to keep fish selections outside of the Damselfish family, then the addition of a protein skimmer needs to be considered a necesity, not a luxury.

onefish2fish 02-11-2009 09:50 PM

as already asked, what size tank will this be?

enough quality, pourus live rock, flow, and water changes should be plenty to keep this tank running smoothly.

and welcome to the forum.

warrior32 02-12-2009 07:57 PM

55G also i was told i could use this filter i would not be using the filter media inside i'd be using RUbble or bio balls

warrior32 02-12-2009 08:00 PM

eventully i will be upgrading to a protein skimmer octopus HOB but that will be in a few months from now

Pasfur 02-12-2009 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by warrior32 (Post 170979)
55G also i was told i could use this filter i would not be using the filter media inside i'd be using RUbble or bio balls

Again, it is important that you understand what you are trying to accomplish. In the saltwater hobby you can't just do what you are told to do. You have to understand WHY you are doing the things you are doing. Adding rubble or bioballs inside the filter increases biological filtration, which leads to Nitrates.

So, are you trying to introduce Nitrates into your aquarium?

warrior32 02-12-2009 08:33 PM

well actually it will onyl increse it a small protion most of the nitrates come from the bio load of the fish how much you feed them and how well you do you tank maintenance... a 15-25% water change weekly will lower my nitrates along with regular feeding times which will not rpoduce alot of a bio load plus a clean up crew which some of them sift threw the sand finding any other debris. so i dont see how i will increse my nitrates to the point where i will harm my fish. what do you recommened for filtration in the power filter remeber it also has an oxy skimmer which works about the same as a protein skimmer and a filter which is bigger than the tank needs will collect and excess large which the oxy skimmer collects small debris

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