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sizzle 02-08-2009 08:03 PM

My gold fish is sick :( Pic included.
my gold fish Richie has become sick the past few days but i dont know what is wrong. he has red blemishes all over him and his eyes are red rimmed. i tested the water and the only thing that was outside the normal range was that the water is hard... but i dont think hard water would do this to my fish.
can anybody help me?

Other things that may or may not help:
Its a 10 gallon freshwater tank. I moved the tank and cleaned the whole thing (oops) about 2 months ago and had an ammonia problem which i lost 2 of my 3 fish. Richie survived but got very sick for a while and i thought he was going to die. The tank seems to have cycled all the way through and my fish survived, although seemed to have become retarded, but seemed happy.
I bought a new playmate for Richie, a very small black moore goldfish that seemed to be in good health. The black moore fish (coco puff) was very active at first, and has slowed down somewhat the past few days also, but I haven't noticed any other physical changes to his appearance.
There are no live plants in the aquarium.
I do not have a heater in my tank since they are goldfish, the temperature stays around 63 degrees F.
I do have a filter that is for a 10 gallon tank, not sure what brand.
The tank does not recieve direct sunlight, but there is natural light that shines into the room.
I change out about 1 gallon of water every 5 days.
I feed my fish a combination of flake food for goldfish and also goldfish crumbles. Usually feed them once in the morning and once at night.
I use one bulb to light my tank that is usually on from 3pm until 10pm.
I used a strip test for everything except for the ammonia i tested with a liquid kit. Like I mentioned before, everything is fine except for the water is hard.

Here is his picture:

I appreciate all the help i can get!

Here is one reply i have recieved after posting it in the wrong section:

I'm not really one to try and answer a medical question. But I did a search and it sounded like it might be hemoraghic septicemia, if this is what it is, It is caused by a bacterial infection in his bloodstream. First change 50% of his tank water. Also add aquarium salt to his tank. Follow the instructions on the label.
here's a link about hemoraghic septicemia - Hemorrhagic Septicemia
If he has hemorrhagic septicemia he will need an antibiotic. "Maracyn 2" is the usual suggested treatment. It's available at most fish stores.
Like I said this is only a possible problem, I would do the water change and and some salt.
Get more then 1 opinion, not for you or me but for you fishy.

Twistersmom 02-08-2009 09:15 PM

Poor thing! I would try the Maracyn-two. He is not looking to good, I dont know that it will be able to pull through, but I guess it does not hurt to try. I would not keep more than one goldfish in a 10gal, they do need room to grow. I also would recommend larger water changes for goldfish, I would change out about 3 1/2 gal. each week. good luck!

veganchick 02-16-2009 08:47 PM

Poor fishy! I would take the new goldfish out and put him in a different tank so he doesn't get sich, too. Also, goldfish get HUGE! here is a pic to give you a size estimate

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