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KishFeeper 12-27-2006 10:02 PM

Glass Cats
Forget Pleco's Get Ottos
Forget Ottos get GLASS CATFISH

:D glass cats are awsome and friendly they are great in a community tank and will not pester fish although they are not algae eaters they do eat flake food and brine shrimp. You should keep your glass catfish in a shoal of 6 or more because in the wild they live in shoals of Thousands and if you get a single glass cat he will not eat-swim-act normally so GET A SHOAL.

Also these little guys are not hardy, Be carefull when doing water changes etc.

:WARNING: Not a beginner fish

Lupin 12-27-2006 11:15 PM

I would like to make a correction if you don't mind.:wink2: Otos are far too delicate even for a beginner hence bristlenose plecs are better options. Not a good option though for a 10 gallons tank where they will poo a lot.:sarcastic:
6 glass catfish would require a 30-40 gallons really as they can reach almost 6 inches in size. Unless the person has 30 gallons or more size of tank, glass catfish are not recommended.

Still, you have a good advice for recommending the number of glass catfish.:thumbsup: Not many people are aware of the troubles they will be having once they keep only one or two glass cats.:sarcastic:

KishFeeper 12-28-2006 12:29 AM

yea i didnt stat anything about ottos i just said there name but good correction glasscats can be kept in a 10 gal by themselves i have seen this done before and they are still alive.

KishFeeper 12-28-2006 12:30 AM

im still not recomending it tho like you said.

bettababy 12-28-2006 01:48 AM

Blue, otos are easy to keep in a 10 gallon, and I suggest them to my beginners here all the time. The important thing to remember with otos is that they need good water quality and plenty of food, so don't put them in until the tank has cycled and begun to grow some food supply for them. Otos have a big appetite.
I don't suggest ever putting an algae eater of any kind into a tank that is newer than 6 wks, 8 wks being better, simply to make sure cycling isn't an issue and food supply is available. Many people don't feed their plecos or otos any special food, and the fish tend to starve.
Just like with any other fish, it needs to be provided for... but otos are great for a beginner with a smaller tank. It's a plus because they don't eat the live plants the way a bristlenose or other pleco would, so you can plant the tank up nice to help with filtration, which helps the otos.

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