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whtroze 02-08-2009 01:10 AM

Ich recommendations please
Hi all, my tank suddenly got a problem....Ich. Unfortunately my baby algae dude just passed away last night due to this. About 1 1/2 months ago, my algae eatter was a victim of fungus...he was treated in a separate tank and my community tank was treated with salt. Everyone was fine during that episode and the algae eatter appeared to recover. He was reintroduced back to the community 3 weeks ago and all seems fine until recently. Then last night...algae dude was sick again...this time I was unable to save him and symptoms were tell tale characteristic of ich. (I wonder if this was the underlying cause in the first place when he got sick earlier). Anyway...I also noticed the characteristic early signs of ich on some of my other fish...mostly only on some fins and tails (the crystal sugar like globs). I added a remedy tab to the tank for ich...but this is only to slow the wont last or cure the problem. Someone told me to raise the temp to 80-85 and add salt to the tank. (my tank is normally around 75-78. I fear adding more salt to the tank may cause an ammonia/nitrite spike. I also have sensitive neons in the tank which more salt or the reaction salt has may kill them. They seem ok so far as far as the ich...but if I don't get rid of it, I'm sure they will be affected and in major danger soon. question is....what would you recommend for clearing ich from my tank. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Tank info: 15g w/20g Whisper bioammonia filter.Temp norm 75-78. pH norm 7.3, NH3/NH4 0.00ppm, reg light/dark intervals, many plastic plants and 1 live plant. 2 mickey platies, 5 neons, 10 guppies various ages, small snails. Eat premium flakes substituted once a week with freeze dried bloodworm (eat once per day).

1077 02-08-2009 02:41 AM

I have used product.. Quick Cure found at walmart or fish stores at half dose for tetras and guppies. SLOWLY raising temp to 82 degrees also helps along with placing a small airstone in the tank. Don't forget to take out the carbon before using the meds. Follow the directions exactly for treatment.

Twistersmom 02-08-2009 09:24 AM

I have successfully used the heat treatment using a tablespoon of salt per 5 gal of water. At 82 deg ick falls of the fish within a couple days, if you leave the temperature at 86 deg for two weeks all the ick in the tank should die off. You want to slowly raise the temp., no more that 1 deg in 12 hrs. Higher temperatures depreciate oxegen levels, so add extra air.
(I think the heat alone will kill them, without adding anymore salt)

Do they still make Quick Cure? I still have some that I used once on my goldfish, but I noticed all the store around here have took it off their shelves.

fishkid 02-08-2009 10:06 AM

I would add some salt and raise the temperature to 84 degrees farenheight. And then use some Quick Qure to finish it off.

Twistersmom 02-08-2009 10:29 AM

I would not use any meds for ick with temperatures above 82 deg. Meds also depriciate oxygen in the tank.

fishkid 02-08-2009 11:03 AM

You could provide aeration.

Kim 02-08-2009 11:52 AM

I would not use both methods at once. I think that would just over stress the fish.

I have used Quick Cure and it worked very well. Really, all you need is any med with methylene green (sp?) as the active ingredient will work.

I have not used the salt/heat method, but from reading on here it seems like it's a 50/50 chance of working. Some people have great results, and others don't. I personally would use the Quick Cure just because I don't want to be fooling around and let the problem get worse, and the med has worked for me before. JMO

whtroze 02-08-2009 12:48 PM

thank you all so much for the advise.

fishkid 02-08-2009 04:17 PM


Originally Posted by Kim (Post 169762)
Really, all you need is any med with methylene green (sp?)

It's malachite green. ;)

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