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Jay Ack 02-07-2009 10:51 PM

Black Ghost fish acting strange....
i have 2 black ghost fish in 95 gallon tank with discus. One of my black ghost died just a minute ago out of no where. it wasnt eating since yesturday, swimming the entire day day and night not hiding at all. The big one is about 7 inches long and the one that died was about 4 inches. It had no signs of diseases or anything on its body. IT just died. Water temp is 78, all the chemicals are 0, ph is 7.0. What happened?!

viejo 02-08-2009 12:16 PM

Questions like this are a really tough call to answer. My guess is that the fish may have been infested with internal parasites, a lot of wild-caught fishes are. Sometimes, if dead imports are left in a tank for a time you often will see parasitic crustaceans (isopods,etc) & other nasties crawl out of the carcass. How is the other BG acting
Also, black ghosts tend to be interspecifically aggressive so perhaps the larger ghost had a hand in his demise although you state that there was no apparent external damage. Perhaps he 'electrocuted' his rival! Only half kidding here, ghosts emit electrical charges mainly for orientation & food location in dark or murky conditions. Perhaps they have worked out a method to protect their turf from invaders.

jetthd 02-09-2009 08:59 PM

You didn't say how long you'd had them but I would lean towards the cause of death being harassment by the larger ghost. Just because there were no external signs of damage doesn't necessarily absolve the larger ghost of the blame. The smaller one could've been stressed by constantly being chased out of its hiding spots and chased away from food at feeding time.

While the ghosts are generally aggressive only towards each other I once had one that I finally ended up moving into a tank with juvenile Malawi cichlids because it kept chasing everything. It didn't chase the cichlids but they didn't pick on the ghost either!

Jay Ack 02-11-2009 01:11 AM

ive had the large ghost for about 6 months, the small one less then a month. i spread out the bloodworms so food is in a variety of places. it was swimming very nice doing circles and floating in the air i thought it adapted to the tank very well since it is swimming all over the place with alot of energy. the next day it died. i had 2 flowerhorn parrot mix they died like that as well. But my discus are living healthier and better then i am looool. its just strange on how the discus dont get affected by anything and these fish die with no sign of anything.

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