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nomadawn 02-07-2009 03:07 PM

Any advice for a newbie please?
I am a newbie who is relieved to find this place!:-D

I have a small 60cmx30cmx30cm tank which is capacity 54litres. The temperature is 25 and I have three live plants. It was purchased for my two young children who love fish !

I really dont want to get this wrong and so would appreciate some help on a number of issues.

I run the tank for two weeks before putting any fish in and under the advice of our local pet supplier bought 2 male guppies and 2 zebra danios. All water tests were ok. The first two weeks, all fish seemed fine but then one of the guppies developed a whitish powdery covering over its head and eye area. By the time I had got some medication he had died. The other three fish looked ok. I did a 30% water change. Water tested and ok.

The very next day I noticed one of my zebra danios had become very aggresive to the other one and was attacking it frequently.I do not know if this is normal behaviour and so decided to monitor. The next day I discovered the bullied danio at the bottom of the tank swimming in a 'spiral' like motion whilst the bully fish was still attacking it ! :shock: The affected danio looked to be gasping for breath and was bumping into things in a frantic fashion all the time the other fish was attacking. I retrieved the poorly fish into a net to provide some relief

Now for the questions.
1. What happend to my guppy?
2. Are zebra danios normally this aggressive with each other?
3. Could the bully fish have killed the other one or was there something else going on?
4. I put another zebra danio in tonight and the bully is chasing this one too !! Do I own a psycho fish!!!??? I have just noted the new fish having a go back so I hope this turns out ok.

Sorry this is so long but I am worried about our fish. So far we have managed to cover up the casualties from the children!

Thanks for listening

fishkid 02-07-2009 04:36 PM

1. Probably mouth fungus.
2.No. Perhaps its an individual thing. Try getting some more to diffuse the aggresion.
3. Maybe.
4. Again, try getting more.

aunt kymmie 02-07-2009 05:22 PM

Hi There. Welcome to the forum.
Danios are crazy hyper fish. I once kept just two of them and they were in constant motion chasing each other around in a very aggressive fashion. As fishkid suggests, you could always add a few more to balance it out but they will still zip around like crazy. Those fish NEVER stop moving.
If you prefer a more peaceful enviroment maye you could exchange the danios for some more male guppies??

Max77 02-07-2009 05:38 PM

My experience with danios is that is always the big girls that chase the males away. They will always chase each other unless you get more. Danios need a lot of swimming space so i would not add many more to a 54 liter tank. I would probably add a couple more to disperse aggression.

nomadawn 02-08-2009 01:24 PM

Thanks you all for your help. I will be getting a couple more tomorrow as recommended.

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