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Nauriel 02-06-2009 11:17 PM

Otocinclus food/algae question.
I recently purchased three otocincluses (otocinli?). I have a fair amount of algae in my tank, but I havn't seen them eat any of it. I just go them about a day ago. Since thier transfer was a bit more stressful than I planned (I had a really har time getting them out of the bag, and bumped them with the net a couple times too many), it could be that they are still a bit stressed out. They are very active, especially swimming up and down the corners of the tank.

I guess I'm worried that they aren't eating like they should. I have heard that there are certain types of algae that otos can't eat. The algae that I have in my tank is green and slimy. Its mainly on the gravel, but there's a bit on the wall as well. It comes off very easily. It looks like this

and this

Can otos eat this type of algae? I put a algae wafer in there as well, but I don't think they've touched it.

My tank is 5.5 gallons, with one betta. It gets a bit of direct sun. There is a florecent bulb. It took the algae about a month to start to grow, and about two more weeks for it to get really noticable.

Thanks for your help!

tophat665 02-06-2009 11:31 PM

Sounds like cladophora. Ottos are more film eaters, but I think they will take this on. Give them a couple of days (and keep an eye on them - check after dark a couple of different times) and if you don't see them eating or a difference in the amount of algae or at least nice round bellies, then give them something else.

I'll tell you, in the wrong place, cladophora is awful, but if you can get it to grow on the substrate, you can get yourself a nice little lawn on the cheap. There was a tank in the small category in the AGA competition in 05 or 06 called "House of Flying Daggers" that had a great clado lawn.

Nauriel 02-06-2009 11:36 PM

I don't think it's that...Its not nearly that fuzzy. Its actually quite slimy. I wish it were cladophora. That stuff looks really cool! I think I've seen some tanks that has that stuff growing, and it makes the tank look really pretty!

I was doing a bit of research, and it sounds like its blue-green algae. Apparently thats one of the things that otos (or any sucker fish) won't eat, because its not actually algae. Is that what it could be?

tophat665 02-07-2009 11:56 AM

Entirely possible. Blecch. I had some of that crud growing on the top of the driftwood in my 75, clogging up the java moss and stinking to high heaven. I just kept pulling it out by hand, and eventually moved the driftwood so that the top was on the side with the 10000K light instead of the plant light, which seems to have cleared it up.

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