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afoshee 02-04-2009 04:32 PM

Please help, nitrate prob, fungus?
Looking for any advice possible, thanks in advance.

Brief history- Ive had my tank set up for about 4 yrs. Started with smaller community fish, and gradually added Cichlids. It is a 90 gallon tank. They all get along pretty well and have only lost one fish due to aggression.

Currently I have
4 Cichlid-Golden Severums,
1 beautiful Jack Dempsey
1 smaller Cichlid, not sure what kind
1 parrot
6 giant Danios
1 algea
1 catfish

I have a good sized driftwood, a med/large coral piece, 2 live plants (onion and sword), 1 flat rock, 1 rounded rock and plastic plants.

I changed filter 1 month ago from a filter that sits on top to a Fluval 405 canister. And ever since then Ive had nothing but problems. Although the water looks crystal clear, my levels have never been the same.

Here are the levels- One morning the fish were breathing heavy. Turned out to be to much ammonia. Treated it with Top Fin ammonia remover x2, and added bio bacteria.
1 week later the numbers were
NH 0.5
pH 6.8
Alk 80
Hard 250
'ites 5.0
'ates 200!!!!!
I did a water change, was due for montly anyhow, added pH up, conditioner, and bio bact. Then levels were as follows
NH 0.5
pH 6.4
Alk 40
Hard 425
'ites 5.0
'ates 200 still
I checked in AM, and they were no better. Added NH remover again.
Went to fish store, advice was to do weekly water change and should see improvment in months!!!! And they said "hopefully fish will make it through" :sad:
Then changed 2 carbon (there are 4 total in Fluval 405) left one old one, and added ammonia filter.

Did weekly water change today and levels were as follows after water change.
pH <6.4
Buff 0
Hard 120
'ites 5
'ates 200 still

Plus it looks like 3 of Cichlids have fungus/septicemia. So, I took out carbon and added medicine.

Im so confused. Any ideas of what I should do, anything I can add/remove??

Ive never had any probs with the tank/fish. Its very frustrating. Please help


Mikaila31 02-04-2009 05:10 PM

When you changed to the new filter did you move the old media to the new one?

If not then you have totally uncycled your tank:-(. This is not good, I highly recommend you read up on cycling a aquarium and start doing lots of waterchanges. I recommend doing at least a 50% water change ASAP to get nitrites down. Then daily water changes. You don't want ammonia to go past .5ppm and nitrite to go past .25ppm.

Also what are you using to test the water lliquid kit or test strips? If you don't have a liquid kit I recommened going an buying a API master test kit. You can't cycle a tank without them. Strips are junk, don't buy them.

afoshee 02-04-2009 06:47 PM

Sadly, when we changed filters we did not use old media. You would have thought after all teh time spent in the large chain pet store asking questions, someone would have told us. Nontheless, Ive since started going to a diff. place for supplies and fish. I will def. read up on cycling the tank. Someone else also mentioned the API kit. I will def. go buy that. Thanks a bunch.
BTW, any point in treating for the fungus at this point? I was planning on retreating in few days after another water change. Do you think I should do another change tom., and skip the treatment?

Mikaila31 02-04-2009 10:13 PM

No reason treating them, when you are going to have to do daily water changes........

afoshee 02-05-2009 09:36 AM

Did another change this am, the fish werent looking very happy, and I lost the catfish:-( Levels are as follows.
pH <6.4
Alk 80
Hard 120
Nitrite 3.0
Nitrate 80-200

Ill continue with daily changes, at least some levels are going in the right direction. Thx!

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