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Feelslikefar 02-04-2009 02:58 PM

Aponogeton bulbs
Since I'm new here, thought I'd give my observations on new bulbs I introduced into tank 3 days ago.

First off, after reading up on lighting, switched from incandescent bulbs that came with tank to CFL 10 watt, full-spectrum.

Purchased a package of those 'Aponogeton Hybrid' bulbs from the local W-Mart, since the tank is cycled and everyone seems fine.

All four of the bulbs are showing nice shoots after 3 days!

Have read the questions folks have about starting these, so I must have gotten lucky.

( LFS doe not really have any healthy looking plants in the tanks, they seem real busy with all the other pets they sell. " Yea, I sell you some plants, If you want to start a snail colony!". said the young clerk...)

tonyAZ 02-25-2009 04:37 PM

Aponogeton bulbs did not sprout
I floated 3 Aponogeton bulbs in my well planted 55 gal aquarium for almost 2 months and there was no sprouting of either leaves or roots. I purchased them at Petco and as instructed on the package they were in I sent them back to "American Plant Life" in Sioux Falls SD for replacement, again as instructed. The pckage came back because there is no such address. Nothing online as well.

Anyone heard of such a problem? From what I have seen in blogs, germination is hit and miss?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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