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51504fish 02-04-2009 10:35 AM

Shrimp or snails? Pics included
I believed these to be baby ghost shrimp, then my husband mentioned they could be mystery snails..... I was stumped, Googled them, got even more stumped, posted them on another forum and have no replies...
This is what happened. I was vacuuming the gravel of my 20 gallon tank, of whom which resides:
Balloon Mollies, several adult ghost shrimp, one mystery snail, and some low light aquatic plants. When getting ready to dump the water from the bucket there was something moving in the bottom. I saved all of them and put them into a tank of their own. I just assumed they were ghost shrimp. Can anyone positively ID these creatures? Pics taken from a fish bowl for the best veiwing I could get...

Lupin 02-04-2009 05:36 PM

They were identified as the harmless seed shrimps.:wink:

51504fish 02-04-2009 10:51 PM

Yes, that was such a disappointment.... totally bummed but at least they are harmless. Glad there are forums to help figure this stuff out. I would have been driving myself crazy trying to figure it out. I think it took me 3 forums to get a positive ID.

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