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FrightyDog 06-21-2013 10:23 AM

A thread discussing and updating my tank
Well this is going to just going to be about my tank. What I should do with it, what I will and what I have done. So here it is!
I have a 28 gallon saltwater tank. Pictures are added to my aquarium when needed. I currently have 3 pieces of live rock. A live sand bed. A refractor for salinity testing. I have 6 species of coral (zoa, frilly mushrooms, xenia, Blastomussa, toadstool leather, alevopora) I have a black clownfish who had ich but survived with me dipping his food in garlic juice and some garlic got on it which he directly ate. A fire shrimp who is very aggresive when its time to eat (he swam to the top of the tank and grabbed all the food once). 2 mexican turbo snails. and A red footed hermit. Just yesterday I got quite a bit of new fish. I received a small yellow tang (who i plan to keep once I get and cycle a 125 gallon tank) and quite large (4 inches long maybe) diamond watchman goby who currently has a black dot on his chin. Both quickly took to the tank, goby made his area and the tang swims all around. With them we also got an emerald crab and nassarus snail. We also put in a full bottle of 2000ct coepods to hopefully grow in my system. Thats it. For pictures please refer to my aquarium "start of reef"
Questions, comments, concerns?
I have a question. What do I feed the yellow tang? The lady gave us the plant he ate off of but it was only a piece. I only have tropical fish flakes for my freshwater and mysis shrimpy for the saltwater.

RSully 06-21-2013 01:25 PM

First and foremost, I would get some more live rock going in there. It will help your overall system with filtration. The tang I'm sure you are aware needs to be in at least a 100 galloon system. It may be ok temporarily in there. You need to find some dried seaweed sheets and get a clip to feed it. Petco/petsmart sells the clips and they suction to the glass for easy feeding. JUst cut off a piece and clip it in your tank.

Again, the biggest thing I see is more live rock. Things look like you're off to a good start.

FrightyDog 06-22-2013 01:16 AM

Okay for now he likes the zooplankton and frozen mysis shrimp. so bon appetit! And more live problem is placing...where would I put it? I am not sure..should I just restructure my entire rock system? And as to the tang I am definitely sure. My dad plans to buy a 125 gallon very soon, but if the tang gets too big we will sell him back to the store. As to the 125 gallon tank I have some questions. It will be a live fish only tank with no coral (or maybe a few but 3 at most since we want more variety of fish). We want to know everything to get for it. Since it will be custom made we have our choice at anything. So any brands and their pricing and quality would be MOST appreciated. A full scale tank setup (the stuff not what goes inside like the fish or rock) would be nice. A good sump and stuff would be liked as well to know

FrightyDog 08-18-2013 10:21 PM

I am just going to add my freshwater tank.
So my black clown did a nemo and jumped in the filter and messed up his gills (dying shortly after). I liked him so much. Everytime I put my hand in he would go near it and swim around. I also housed a yellow tang who died mysteriously while i was away. Leaving 6 snails, 3 nassarus snails, 5 hermits, 1 emerald crab, 1 fire shrimp, and now my only fish a diamond watchman goby. Take away that everything is ok. Water parameters are fine. 1.025 on the refractometer so changing water soon. It gets quite a lot of algae every week so thats a problem we have been working to fix (suggestions?) We are planning to glue down the frags since the emerald crab is a menace and keeps climbing over them. We have a power blower to keep a current (and try to control algae growth. Questions, comments, concerns?
Doing good as well. Never any algae. The tiger barb doesn't bother the other fish at all! I plan on buying a cave for them to hide in. There is 1 longfin zebra danio, 1 tiger barb, and two marigold platies. All at peace in their homes. I want more "grass" for the tank and and i need new lights. These fish are the only ones i am keeping in there. No more additions even if they die. Just more plants and decor, though i do feel bad for that lone danio...QCC?
Thanks for your time!
Also how do i keep the "grass" rooted?

FrightyDog 09-08-2013 11:13 PM

Been a while since anything has changed.
SW: So about a week ago the goby was seen being eaten by the hermits, I tried saving him, but was too late and he died. So we went to a new fish store. It was amazing. We are buying a 150 gallon tank and making it a FOWLR tank. I'm so excited so for the mean time I bought a percula clown, another diamond goby, a bicolor angel, and sailfin tang. Now before you start lecturing me about the size problem they are short visitors and will me moved to the 150 soon.
FW: Nothing new

FrightyDog 11-09-2013 07:04 PM

Wow. So much has changed since I last updated my saltwater, if you want to check it out go to my aquarium "start of reef". Seriously EVERYTHING except the fire shrimp and nassarus snails are new. Questions comments and or concerns? I'm still here :)

nawilson89 11-09-2013 08:24 PM

This thread... Is in dire need of some pics.

FrightyDog 11-09-2013 09:01 PM

badxgillen 11-09-2013 09:24 PM

Any pics of the percula clown, diamond goby, bicolor angel, and sailfin tang?Maybe some corals perhaps? Is this the 150?

FrightyDog 11-09-2013 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by badxgillen (Post 3370457)
Any pics of the percula clown, diamond goby, bicolor angel, and sailfin tang?

All those fish died. I noticed the sailfin getting ich so I did what i did before to save my black clown (before he commited suicide) by putting some garlic juice in the cup i dissolved their mysis shrimp in but I put waaay too much and the water smelt like pure garlic, killing all fish, almost the fire shrimp and i saved all the cleanup crew and coral. The 150 got delayed because we do not have room for it. My brother is moving in so the furniture we were going to move is in his room. So for now I have to deal with the 28 gallon. Those fish are my current ones. Here are the corals though :)
(ID needed) Red Sea Fan?
Zoanthid and (ID Check) Green Hairy Mushroom?
(ID Check) Blastomussa
(ID Check) Toadstool Leather Mushroom
(ID Check) Xenia

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