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FishyFishy89 06-20-2013 11:09 AM

Shipping plants to Canada from USA
Has anyone ever done this? I've shipped plants to buyers in the US, never outside. Can someone tell me what the steps would be the ship to Canada and which method would be the cheapest? I believe the cheapest I have found was USPS using my own box for approx $20.


Byron 06-20-2013 11:31 AM

I can't offer advice on shippers to use, but I will just mention customs issues. And this works both ways, from Canada to the USA or reverse.

Both countries have regulations on live plants entering, largely due to the invasive plant problems that have resulted from foreign species being tossed (or somehow entering) native waterways and in some cases killing native species, not only plants but sometimes aquatic animal life too.

I stopped sending plants to US members solely because the delays at customs resulted in dead plants. I don't know why the delays were there, whether it was just "delay" or whether it was inspection. And I don't know how it works in reverse, US to Canada.

Stores here receive fish and plant shipments but that is a bit different because commercial suppliers have the permits, etc., and know what to do.


FishyFishy89 06-20-2013 12:20 PM

Thank you Bryon for your input on your personal experience. I, myself, have received items from Canada. I had order/purchased a custom hand painted eyeglass case for my best friend. I ordered well before Christmas and it was shipped 3 weeks before Christmas. It did not arrive until 2 weeks after Christmas.

I am concerned that the plants may die or worse, be rejected since duckweed is considered an invasive plant species. I think, I'll play it safe and not ship plants, like duckweed, to Canada.

How often have you had negative experiences shipping to Canada?

Mikaila31 06-20-2013 12:57 PM

They likely will not be allowed past the boarder unless you have all the special permits to ship live plants internationally.

FishyFishy89 06-20-2013 12:59 PM

I do not have permits. Are you supposed to purchase a permit when paying for shipping or is that a totally separate thing?

Byron 06-20-2013 03:16 PM


Originally Posted by FishyFishy89 (Post 2364482)
I do not have permits. Are you supposed to purchase a permit when paying for shipping or is that a totally separate thing?

Separate. Permits are issued by US Agriculture (I think, but it is a government department). In Canada it is the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, but some provinces have restrictions too, like BC (where I live) requires a permit to import koi in addition to federal regulations.

These are for fish, but similar exist for plants. I would suggest you contact your closest office of the US government as a start.

JDM 06-21-2013 09:42 AM

The fastest shipping from US to Canada I have seen is typically 7 days (5 business days) and this is if all the paperwork is in perfect order, multiple copies, tariff references... this is for unrelated hardware... plants are a whole other mess... as Byron suggested already.


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