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el Mattador 01-30-2009 11:11 PM

Your opinion?
Here's my tank - First Tank - 29 gallon Freshwater fish tank

I think it looks kind of boring - the plants that I bought which I put in the back aren't getting any taller - actually kind of withering, I'm thinking of getting some bulbs (lily and the same kind that's in the front left) because the lfs doesn't seem to have any tall growing plants and I think it will really add to the overall look. Also, the only non plant I have in there is the rainbow rock - which I like, but think maybe something else could be added to make it look better.

Any thoughts?

aunt kymmie 01-31-2009 01:31 AM

I wouldn't say boring at all. As you say you need some tall plants in the back. I have Cobomba and it grows tall fast, as does Temple & Anacharis. Pretty easy to grow, IMO. My LFS store has zip for plants so I purchase mine over the internet. Is that an option for you? Maybe add a piece of driftwood? Maybe some tall silk plants? Some of them look very close to being real. I think your tank looks nice :-)

veganchick 02-01-2009 05:43 PM

Looks pretty good to me! you could put in some floating plants and, as aunt kymmie suggested some taller plants in the back, it looks pretty good to me!

aquakid 02-01-2009 07:44 PM

I would say you take out the rock add some large bog wood and some floating plants

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