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ymh1253 01-30-2009 08:12 PM

First attempt to frag my polyps.
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It will be my first attempt to frag my polyps or any coral for that matter, so I was hopeing for a little advice..does this colony look like a good canidate for a beginner fragger?.which fragging method seems to work out the best? any advice is appreiciated.( I was hopeing to cut the rock into 2 or 3 peices and frag a couple individually and mount them them to a peg) thank

Kellsindell 01-30-2009 08:39 PM

They both look like good canidates for fragging

The second pic, if that is a toadstool, will be a lot easier IMHO. I say that because all you have to do is cut some of the base with polyps on it. Then rubberband it to a rock or plug. After 5days or so, it'll be attached.

The Palys in the other pic... well, you can cut the base and superglue to a rock or use rubberbands here as well. I'm not sure about fragging these still because of the toxin that's in them. Make sure you have no open sores, if you do then wear gloves. OneFish can give you more insight, though i have fragged them before, i'm still a little weary of these guys.

Kellsindell 01-30-2009 08:44 PM

Oh, and you should really get rid of that Green Hair Algae (GHA). It looks to be all over your tank...

onefish2fish 01-30-2009 09:09 PM

before fragging get gloves and safety glasses. yes, it is that serious. zooanthids and palythoas release a palytoxin which is harmful and it has potential to "shoot" or "squirt" getting in your eyes.
with that aside clear a table or space and lay down a towel, get paper towels, alittle bowl with tank water, fragging glue (or gel super glue) and a razor blade works well. your going to want frag plugs, disks, rubble rock or peices of tile to mount the frags. a dremel is a great tool to frag too! simply just cut off a piece of the main colony and you have a frag.

remove the colony your fragging, put into bowl with tank water. dry off the plug,rubble rock or whatever your attaching it to if wet. now take the colony and try to carefully get under the polyps one by one and carefully glue them on a plug without getting glue on their openings. the polyps will be fine outside of the tank for 10 or so minutes so dont worry so much about that and if need be, dunk them in the bucket of tank water. frag and return to tank and leave them to heal for awhile.
again, wear gloves and goggles and take your time! goodluck

DheereCrossing 01-31-2009 07:59 PM

There are also a lot of good videos on youtube and such that detail fragging of different corals. Browse some of those, they may be helpful.

ymh1253 02-11-2009 08:25 AM

thank you for all the info guys

onefish2fish 02-11-2009 01:20 PM

how did this turn out? care to post pictures of the fraglets?

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