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Agent13 06-19-2013 09:46 PM

safest tank to add my kids shrimp to?
My son lost his frog not to long ago that was in our 16g community and daughter had 1 in there too but decided to donate it to her daycare so she could get something new like her brother. They decided on orange eye blue tiger shrimps but at such a high price I want to be careful(ish) which tank is chosen for them. We did a massive random shrimp order for the 75, so there are replacements but they just arent as cool. The options I see are all their tanks.. 16g bowfront with 3male fancy guppies and 2 glow danios (lots of plants and hides), my sons nightlight betta tank 5g fluval Spec V in his room(he really wants this bt there is a male betta in there and plants but not tons of plants), and the least likely 20g male betta 5 corydora tank...
Thoughts guys?? Are any of these safe?
I would love not to start another tank but 3 20g will be open in about 2days soon after cleaning from temp holding cichlids during tank redo.

I can and they can take a loss so the ideal is if one of these first 3 would work.

fish monger 06-20-2013 04:19 AM

Seems like the 16g would be safe. My son's glofish stay in the top third of the tank. The male guppies will probably be too busy showing off to each other to notice.

Agent13 06-20-2013 11:38 AM

haha.. yes the guppies spend all day together face to face spinning in circles or taking turns riding the filter flow roller coaster...freakin crazy fish. I just wasn't sure about the danios because they're so hyper and to be honest I didn't look up too much about them because I wasn't a danio fan. We had 4 but two killed eachother and the other two are more sedate.

Well they'll be here friday so I think the 16 will be their home. That'll be more fair anyway because if they went to my sons room my daughter wouldn't be too happy and her 4g nightlight betta tank isn't safe( BIG male betta who probably woud love a $25 snack)
Thanks Fish monger

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