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gluckbot 01-30-2009 01:43 AM

Endler's livebearers had babies!!!
Well today I noticed the females looked a lot leaner. I thought to myself that maybe she gave birth, but then I was like yeah right, I've never kept any fish before that bred. So I hesitantly checked the tank out and didn't see anything and then just as I was sitting back thought I saw something move! I looked by the filter, which is black and then saw 1 small fry. It is clear and about the size of a hang nail. I counted 8-10 of them but they are difficult to see. I want to take some pics/video but I don't think they will show up at all yet. Also I read online conflicting things about whether or not they eat their young but I have not done anything special to prevent them from doing so other than putting in more plants (floating, extra frilly) and none have been eaten since I first noticed them. In fact one of the males was curious about one of the fry and I saw him closing in on the baby but he was very passive and seemed puzzled or startled by it. They are in my sight all the time. I have an efficiency/studio apartment so where ever I go in my apt since it is so small I can see them.
OK, so I was wondering:
1) What should I feed them. Right now I fed them New Life Spectrum small fish formula which are pellets and then I ground the pellets into a smaller size for them. Also there are plants and they seem to be picking at those too.
2) What do they need nutrition wise. I guess this is basically the first question but what I meant was do they need extra protein, calcium, etc.
3) I need to do a water change but I am worried they will get sucked up in the tube and I won't see them. They are extremely hard to see, but it the tank will be over due for a water change in a few days.
4) Is it safe, or should I add aquarium additives like stress coat by aquarium pharmaceuticals. I use it for removing chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals etc.
5) Is there anything else I should know about caring for the fry?

chrisandmarie 01-30-2009 11:49 AM

hi were breeding endlers congrats first of all. 1 good thing about endlers is the fry are bigger than the adults mouth so they wont eat them ,if you have bigger fish then yes they will have them as grub, food wise liqui fry 1 ,is a good start with a bit of narmal flakes crushed into very fine powder i use a saucer and a spoon and just crush and for cleaning tank we put a womens stocking very fine material over so the babys dont get sucked in hope this helps marie

gluckbot 01-30-2009 04:09 PM

Oh yeah, excellent idea! I never thought of using a stocking. I have been doing the same spoon crushing technique for feeding also. I did get some video of the fry so I will try to upload here. Thanks for the suggestions.

cerianthus 01-31-2009 12:05 AM


Originally Posted by gluckbot (Post 167493)
Oh yeah, excellent idea! I never thought of using a stocking. I have been doing the same spoon crushing technique for feeding also. I did get some video of the fry so I will try to upload here. Thanks for the suggestions.

Congrat! how I miss my Endlers. Its been about 7-8 yrs since had last Endlers. Rather than crushing the flakes, try the bottom of container. You may already have enough to last for next few batches!!

Mikaila31 01-31-2009 06:45 PM

Mine are fed Hikari First Bites, frozen baby brine shrimp, and dust from the algae wafer bag. Congrats on the first fry! I remember my first endler fry.

Oldman47 02-01-2009 04:50 PM

When I feed my endlers tanks, I pinch the last bit of the food before adding it so that some of the flake becomes smaller particles and even a powder. The endler fry end up swimming around with a small piece of flake in their mouth trying to eat it but they eventually get the job done. At 4 to 6 weeks, when they start to color up a bit, they are old enough to breed and have fry of their own. Endlers will eat fry but they are not aggressive predators so many, perhaps most, will survive. Most of even the smallest fry can swim away from a gravel vacuum but I catch a few when working in my bigger tanks. I just net them from the bucket and put them back into the tank. It takes maybe an extra minute per bucket of water to check for fry and net any that are there.

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