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fishyinpa 01-29-2009 11:07 PM

cory questions
hello there. Well i was told that corys get along well with bettas. So Ive looked at several stores already,so far no small ones. Im gonna keep looking though! Lol. My betta is in a 10 gallon tank,recently upgraded to it. So here are my questions if i can remember them all. Heh.

From what im told you need 6 corys to be happy lil fellas,but i am also told not to add more than 2-3 new fish to a tank at a time. So,on that note,is it okay to get say 3 now and then 3 more a lil later on?

And how much longer should you wait till you get more? Also i know they should be put in QT for awhile. How long should i keep them in QT? Some sites say 2 weeks,others say a month.

I would set up a critter keeper most likely for QT for them. I do have an extra heater 25w and a small filter i can put on it. What temp should it be set at?

Should ikeep it bare bottomed or put something in it?

Also i read hikari is the best to get for them? the wafers...what else can they have? I already have fd bloodworms,shrimp and daphnia for my betta. they need flakes too?

When is a good time to feed them.. I think i read at night a lil before lights out...

Do they like alot of plants in their tank? I have 5 fake silk ones in there right now. Also have 2 caves. The bottom is gravel and those colored stones. is that okay?

hmm i think thats it...i might be back though! Lol. thanks to anyone who replies. Im really excited to look for some cories.

Oh wait one more haha. What kinda cory ya think is easiest to find? As in the ones that stay small. I found online so far 4 that stay small. Obviously the dwarf and pygmy,but also the salt & pepper and false bandit. If there are anymore to look out for,id appreciate it. Im gonna find pics to these ones i found so far,put them on my phone so when i go to look at them i can compare and makes sure it is what it says lol. Dont always trust the stores haha.

So yup im done for real now. :)

aunt kymmie 01-30-2009 12:19 AM

All great questions and of course I don't have answers at the moment (still doing my research on them) but one thing stood out for me: your gravel and the size of the stones. I know that their barbels are very delicate & sensitive. I changed out my gravel for sand as I knew cories were going to be added to the tank. I'll QT mine for three weeks.

fishyinpa 01-30-2009 10:42 AM

Hmmm okay thanks! Now what kinda sand there a particular kind to look for at the store? Or is it cheaper elsewheres.

aunt kymmie 01-30-2009 11:07 AM

Do you prefer black sand or white sand? The cheapest white sand I've found is play sand at Home Depot. It's about $5 for a huge bag. Depending on your tank size you may not need much. I used about 6 lb out of a 40 lb bag. So now the rest of the bag sits on the side of the house until I figure out what do to with it.

Black sand is more expensive. I used Tahitian Moon Sand for my larger tank and it's about a $1.00 a pound. 20lb bags were what I found for the black sand.

Either one is nice and both require lots & lots of rinsing to remove any dust that will cloud your tank after you add it. The white sand took more rinsing than the black sand before the water turned clear. The white sand has smaller particles.

jeaninel 01-30-2009 11:41 AM

Hi. You might want to look into Panda cories as they stay rather small. Hasbrosus, Hastasus, Pygmeus all are small but can be hard to find.

I agree that sand is the best way to go with cories. You can get play sand at Lowes or Home Depot for about $5 for a 50 lb bag.

As for your other questions, setting up a QT tank would be a smart move. I usually QT for 3-4 weeks. If any problems show up the "clock" resets and their QT starts all over once the problem has been cleared up (such as ick, fungus, etc.). Get 3 cories, QT for 3 weeks, once they're ready to be moved to the main tank buy 3 more and put them into QT.

They aren't too picky about their foods. Flake, sinking shrimp pellets, wafers, frozen/live brine shrimp/bloodworms are what mine eat. They ignore the veggies (zucchini, peas, cooked carrots) I occasionally put in for my other fish though.

fishyinpa 01-30-2009 11:47 AM

Oh okay, thank you so much!

dramaqueen 01-30-2009 06:06 PM

I ignore veggies too. lol

aunt kymmie 01-30-2009 06:20 PM

Also guilty. I consider the topping on my pizza to be my veggie requirement for the week.
Of course, some of my fish think the plants in the tank qualify for their veggie requirement :-(

dramaqueen 01-30-2009 06:23 PM

Yeah, veggies on pizza are enough for me. lol

fishyinpa 01-30-2009 06:28 PM

Haha. yeah,veggies in my chinese food counts for me. My buns and pigs eat the salads not me!

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