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1077 01-29-2009 07:26 AM

Not all filter floss is safe for fish.
Recently on another forum , I followed a discussion among some breeders of expensive fish and there were some reports of sudden die offs of some of their stock. All the usual questions followed and were sumarily eliminated. Then , the question of what type of filter media if any was being used and a possible problem surfaced. It seems that some floss such as that found in craft or hobby stores could be treated with flame retardents and that these retardents could possibly be harmful if used in the aquarium. Always wise to examine closely any such materials before using them in your aquarium. Just a heads up if you will.

Tyyrlym 01-29-2009 07:32 AM

Good advice. The polyester fill at the craftstore is much like filter floss but can be treated for things like fire retardation.

I'm usually trying to find places to do things on the cheap but given that I can get a bag of filter floss the size of a throw pillow from Petsmart for 3 bucks I'll just keep going with that.

willow 02-15-2009 04:32 PM

that's an interesting point about the floss.
i discussed something like this before,only it was concerning
sponges that you can buy for cleaning your home surfaces,some are not pregnated
with cleaning solution,they are just nylon,so would/could be used as media.

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