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Aquarius Keeper 01-28-2009 07:36 PM

betta eggs
Hey everyone -

It's been a while since my last post - I got laid off and have been putting my attention elsewhere but -

I have a male/female betta living together in a planted 20g tank (yes it is possible) and it looks like she just laid a whole bunch of eggs. They are floating near the surface - she keeps collecting the ones that fall, he keeps blowing bubbles around them.

What does this mean? Are they fertilized already? What should I do??


aunt kymmie 01-29-2009 12:02 AM

I'm not sure what you should do about the eggs but I want to tell you that I'm sorry to hear about the layoff. Bummer :-(

Kim 01-29-2009 11:52 AM

Well, normally the male will try and chase the female away after the eggs are laid and he will care for them himself. They should hatch in I "think" 24-36 hours. You will see little tails hanging from the nest when they hatch. If they fall out the male should scoop them up and put them back in. The babies are TINY, so they need really small food. Some people use inforensa (sp?) or boiled egg yolk. Once they get a little bigger you can feed baby brine shrimp, vinegar eels, and the like. I don't know how the entire process would work with both the male and female in the tank though. Everything I've read says to take the female out after the spawn and take the male out after the fry are free swimming.

And just to let you know, this is just what I have read from numerous sources. So, while I feel the information is accurate understand that I have no real experience in the matter.

At any rate if you do decide to keep the babies you will need a growout tank for the females and separate tanks for the males once they get large enough to begin being aggressive. Good luck ;)

dramaqueen 01-31-2009 05:51 PM

The male and female may eat the fry, too. I think the male and female should be separated from the fry. I would think a 20 gallon would be big enough for the fry to grow in.

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