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Neah84 01-28-2009 02:25 PM

Inner Seal question
I just recently took everything out of my old tank and cleaned it up and had it drying over night. I noticed the front right side seal is fairly shredded up. When I touch it the edge lifts up alittle. I havent had problems with theh seal before and was wondering if I should patch up that seal or leave it alone?

If I patch it up, do I take the old seal off or just put a layer over the old stuff. I use to paint houses and when we had to do that we took the old stuff off.

Chrisseh 01-28-2009 03:17 PM

Good question. I am not sure what you *should* do, but if you patch it make sure that you remove the old seal. And make sure you use aquarium rated silicon.

Neah84 01-28-2009 03:40 PM

yeah I went and got aquarium silicon from the fish store yesterday when I bought the new filter and eco planted substrate just not sure if its worth fixing or leaving it the way it is for now and see how it holds up. Giving the tank 1 more day for the seals to dry up before I go at it.

I am thinking when my dad took care of it he had a rock stuck in the magnetic cleaner and it tore it up. Ill see if I can get a photo of it today. That is if I go to my parents tonight

WisFish 01-29-2009 01:18 PM

I have the same thing going on. My plan is to take down the tank, remove the loose silicone and put new stuff on. Then I'm going to wait at least 3 days before I set things back up.

Neah84 01-29-2009 01:28 PM

yeah it says to wait 72 hours before adding water. I will be working on mine tonight. Really hoping things work out so I can start up this tank. :-/

Hope yours goes well too when you do it.

Tyyrlym 01-29-2009 02:19 PM

Tough call, without pictures I can't really give an opinion one way or another. If you've got the patience you can fill the aquarium some place you can deal with a leak and let it sit to see if it leaks. Even if you repair it I'd still recommend letting it sit filled for a while to check for leaks.

Then again how big is the tank. If it's 20 gallons or less I'd probably buy a new one, they aren't that expensive.

Neah84 01-29-2009 02:24 PM

I will take pictures in an hour when I get off work and put them up here. Its been doing fine the way it is, I am just being cautious and think it might be better to just replace the seal on that corner.

Tank is a 46g bow.

Neah84 01-29-2009 03:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
As promised photo of the wear and tear. hope the size is ok never have used a mac before.....

Didnt clean gunk by seal so you can see what the seal looks like right now

Neah84 01-29-2009 07:08 PM

any suggestions as to what to do with the seal? is it good enough? its be working just fine so far? :) anxious to put substrate in and fill her up with water :)

WisFish 01-29-2009 08:19 PM

I couldn't quite make out what I was looking at. But my advice is still remove the loose silicone and top off with fresh stuff. It's like painting over pealing paint. The silicone needs a solid surface to adhere to. If you have the tank apart, nows the time to address it.

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