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Livelifelaughlove 01-27-2009 06:03 PM

New snail...?
So i am going over to the city next week and thought i would bring back a snail for my 2 gallon betta tank... mainly out of boredom

any words of advice with these? i know absolutely nothing...

Food, type, pros/cons?

Lupin 01-27-2009 08:33 PM

What's the question? Your betta needs feeding for a week? Not necessarily. They'll be fine without food for a week. What species of snail do you plan to get?

FishGirl 01-28-2009 12:25 AM

Pick whatever catches your fancy. I prefer mystery snails. But other people like other kinds. Mystery snails will get quite large. There are rams horns that are much smaller and still very interesting. Maylasian Trumpet Snails, smaller still and neat looking too. Then there are always pond snails. They come free with plants! Sometimes pond snails even have interesting coloring.

Any snail will eat whatever leftover food the betta doesn't. Sometimes my mystery snails like to pig out and they'll come to the top of the water line and bend their foot to form a kind of siphon then suck the food into their mouths.

What snails are you thinking of getting? Sometimes we're just stuck with whatever the lfs has in stock.

daisycutter 01-28-2009 12:54 AM

Maylasian Trumpet Snails are a good snail for a tank as they will scavange in the substrate and eat any uneaten food,but they will breed like theres no tommorow and need periodic control

Lupin 01-28-2009 02:26 AM

A couple issues to point out regarding the mix.

1. Calcium Dosing

Calcium carbonate is commonly used as a calcium supplement for healthy shell growth. Any calcium deficiency can cause shell erosions which if not corrected can further damage the snail and leave it prone to injuries and other health issues. Calcium carbonate can increase both the pH and hardness levels. While this does not pose too much problem with most species especially as they have already been adapted to various range of water conditions, this leaves fish from soft acidic waters prone to fin rot, fin curl and bacterial infections.

Calcium chloride is another calcium supplement used for snails. This can burn the mouth if ingested and has been used in ice cream products. Care should be taken when using it. It has to be diluted before adding to the tank as the grains can burn the snails. It will not raise the pH but like other types of calcium, the hardness levels are still greatly influenced.

Apple snails require calcium dosing to maintain healthy shell growth. Nerites and MTS greatly absorb the calcium. Any calcium deficiency can be recognized by the growing craters on the shells and white tips on the shells in the case of MTS. The only way to correct this is constantly replenishing the minerals by water changes for MTS. Any severe shell erosions will require patching especially fissures, etc.

2. Compatibility

Bettas have been known to nip at invertebrates and more so with shrimps. Many people have been lucky thus far mixing shrimps and snails with their bettas however care must be taken when doing so. Apple snails do not exactly have the best defense mechanism. Their soft tissues such as the eyes and antennaes are exposed openly and are prone to attacks. While they fortunately have the ability to regenerate their lost parts, it is not a good idea to continue subjecting them to further harassments by bettas.

fishkid 01-31-2009 07:04 AM

If you can even get a snail really depends on your betta. Some are really peaceful, and only attack their own species. But on the other hand, some are extremely aggressive and attack everything.

Livelifelaughlove 02-01-2009 10:00 PM

I do't think sushi, my red one will be a problem. he is easy going (expect around my dad)

I suspect if i have any problems it will be with my little one, only because he is rather high energy, but i was going to get my snails friday, but it turns out my fish got fin rot, so i am waiting till he feels better to do anything new to the tank. which sucks. I had to put off the plans of getting my betta i was supposed to pick up tomorrow :( oh well. so the snail is put off as well as everything else...

So if i get a snail he should eat the left over food? i don't need to add something special for him? Do i have to worry about him climbing out of the bowl?

Lupin 02-02-2009 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by Emmnemms (Post 168100)
So if i get a snail he should eat the left over food? i don't need to add something special for him? Do i have to worry about him climbing out of the bowl?

The perception that the snails are better off with leftovers always is the result in the poor health conditions of most snails in pet chain stores. I'd at least supplement this snail with calcium enriched veggies as collards, turnips, etc. Snail jello and plaster of Paris pucks help with its shell growth. I keep my tanks closed as snails tend to get out of the enclosure to find spawning sites or simply are dissatisfied with the water conditions although in some cases, they get out of the water for no reason.

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