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vinoth1465 01-27-2009 01:44 PM

new 240 gallon planted tank
I sold all the central and south American fish i had in my tank. all of a sudden my mind decided to go with a good planted tank. i need help walking thru with this.

at this very moment, tank has no gravel. only one armored catfish (Callichthys callichthys) with 3-rena xp2 canisters, 2 sponge filters.

my purchase list - i have ordered 200 lbs of Flourite™ Original 75 lbs of regular gravel. will this be enough or do i need more?

i am looking for easy maintenence, low light plants. moss, anubias, ferns and so on. i have 4 regular fluorescent bulbs. i will get the specifications later tonight.

where can i purchase healthy plants at a cheap price. do i need to add CO2.

steelerfan 01-29-2009 09:42 AM

If you're going to have a low light setup, you shouldn't need CO2. As far as where to get them, try to find a local aqarium club or something along those lines where you can get some cuttings, many times people are giving them away. HTH!

WisFish 01-29-2009 06:24 PM

You won't need CO2 but you may need more light. How many watts are the bulbs? Also make sure they are "daylight" bulbs rated at about 6500K. How long are these bulbs?

FishGirl 01-30-2009 02:37 AM

Try posting on Craigslist for aqarium plants/clippings. You might also try the various aquarium forums and contact people located in your area.

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