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mags2313 01-27-2009 08:07 AM

Bloodfin died for no reason...
I am now down to three bloodfins from six...
The first one died after turning really white and eyes popping out of his head.
The second one I found dead in my wisteria with no signs of illness and no blood in his gills, he was just really fat.... These two incidents were about a month ago...

And now yesterday, I noticed a bloodfin swimming around doing flips and circles upside down...(swimbladder) and his gills were irritated... He was the bloodfin that was bullied out of the group and always hanging out at the top right of my tank....

I don't have my param's right now but will post them... THis tank has been running since Nov 9th so perhaps it is not yet fully cycled ( though this tank is the most cycled out of my 3)

anyway, now I'm rambling on.... lol

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