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NexusIcon 06-18-2013 02:02 PM

Hello all!
So, I bought a 120 liter tank for my girlfriend as a surprise for her birthday. She's always wanted fish (as have I), and I found a nice 2nd hand one that seemed too good to be true (and for once it actually wasn't!). We got everything up and running and the water is in lovely condition.

So really, we browsed this forum a lot while deciding on what kind of fishy family we'd like so I figured I'd join and say hello! :-D

Our first additions were two little bristlenose plecos, they're getting along just fine and can't get enough cucumber.

There is some sadness though as today we went for a test and to see to get some new members - water was "perfect", so we got her the 5 rummynose tetras that she wanted, as well as two gouramis - one blue, one pearl. As the lady in the store said they'd get along just fine. I had read that pearls are nice and peaceful so I wasn't too concerned. However once we'd got them home two of the tetras died upon leaving the bag, thought that was quite odd, and extremely heartbreaking. And the blue gourami has done nothing but chase and nip at the pearl, who now hides away in the corners 'til the mean blue finds it. Then another tetra started lagging behind his pals and to my absolute horror the mean old blue grabbed him and ragged him around :( Safe to say the third one died, but the other two have really brightened up on their face and tails which makes me hopeful! Will be taking Mr blue back to the store tomorrow as we don't want any angry fish - I think this is the best thing to do, before we get more injuries and a stressed out pearl! They have a lot to answer for for their bad advice :(

But on the bright side the plecs are completely oblivious - work as normal :P

Anyway, we plan on adding some more rummy nosed to make up their group, a pair of bolivian rams, an angelfish (I hope we don't go through the agression again!), and possibly an albino shark if we still have the space.

If you've made it this far, I thank you for your time :) Hopefully I'll have some interesting stories to share with you in the future!

- Evil as he is, upon placing a cucumber chunk down for the plecs, Mr blue came at it sideways and felt it up and down with his dangly bits, did make me chuckle!


fish monger 06-18-2013 06:29 PM

Hi and welcome to TFK. The blues do tend to have a much more aggressive personality than the pearls and I would say you received bad advice. It's always good to go to the LFS armed with research and an idea. That way, you're not so much prey to the impulse purchase. The shark might wind up replacing Mr. Blue as the aquarium terror. They really belong in a semi-aggressive tank. There are very good fish profiles provided here on the forum and I would suggest that you refer to them before making any additions. Good luck !

NexusIcon 06-18-2013 08:15 PM

Thank you! Its definitely worth checking the scientific names to find them here it seems! Will avoid the shark for sure.

and yeah, lesson learnt for sure. Will definitely research the particular type rather than the broader species from now!
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NexusIcon 06-19-2013 06:26 AM

Upon searching deeper into the profiles and other resources I guess it wont be such a good idea to get an angelfish? The pearl gourami seems very peaceful and not tempted to nip, but that could change once (s)he settles and is no longer being dominated by mr blue? Last thing we'd want is for a repeat and for either the new angel or the pearl to be bullied or even harassed.

As for the rams I guess I will get a single one, unless I manage to see a coupled pair in the store? Is it plain obvious when they have paired or can it be hard to judge?


orador223 07-13-2013 02:45 PM

Welcome to TFK :)

eaturbyfill 07-22-2013 06:45 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Romad 07-23-2013 04:27 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum :wave:

SeaHorse 07-23-2013 08:05 AM

Hi NexusIcon and Girlfriend!
Welcome to TFK! Please don't be discouraged by this. We've all been led astray and we've had moments just like the release of your Tetras I'm afraid. Very disheartening.
From my experience... I'd like to share a few things.
I've always kept 1 Gourami to a tank. Even the gentler Pearls will chase and harass their own kind. I had 2 in a 75 gallon... that's a 300L approx.... and one harassed the other to death. Also be aware... sometimes it is impossible to tell if you have M/F's in some species until they get much bigger... When you see a tank of lovely colorful Dwarf Gourami... those are ALL Males... the Females are boring drab brown and your LFS rarely bring in both as they don't sell as well. You unknowingly bring home 2... and you have 2 fighting fish. Grrrr.
I want to go over "release" as well so that you are successful with your next purchase.
But first... How long has your tank been set up? Has the tank gone thru a full Cycle... this process can take 6-8 weeks. We strongly advise you spend the money on a liquid testing kit... they run about $30 and you will know right away when something is amiss rather than seeing issues at night and not being able to do anything until the next evening. When in doubt... do a water change.
Water changes... make sure you have a good quality Water Conditioner. Most of us use and love "Prime". It is a bit more expensive but highly concentrated... one cap does 50 Gallons. And it neutralizes Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrates!
Did you lay the bag of fish on the surface to equalize the temperatures over time? I open the bag and clip it at the surface and each 5 minutes add some of my Tank's water. Over a half hour I will have doubled the contents of water in the bag thus equalizing the temperatures and mixing any differences in PH. When the time is up I net the fish into the tank. It is never good to pour the store's water into your tank.
Eventually, we advise a 2nd tank for quarantine but we understand not everyone has the room or the luxury to do this. Buy and add small quantities of fish each trip, 3-4 max... never bring home 13-15 at one time! (done that! :oops:... too much bio load and many will die)
Just remember it is the things we do quickly that can have the most negative effects. A big PH change, and water change with the wrong temp water... that type of thing.

There is a question/answer diagnosis page on the Forum as a sticky somewhere in here.... lol.... If you walk yourself thru this you will see areas/questions that you can't answer right now... those are the areas you need to read up on! as your understanding of these areas WILL lead you to success!!
Found it... post number 1... it really will help you understand where you are:
It helps us help you too when we know "where you are at" in the process with a new tank.

Anyway... sorry for the long post! We're glad you joined us and are here to help!!!

willow 07-23-2013 02:25 PM

hello and welcome.:-D

NexusIcon 07-25-2013 03:28 PM

Hi guys thanks for all the welcomes :)

The 120lt tank is doing really well now, has been a long few weeks now! The two pearls are getting along just fine, still not sure if its 1m 1f or 2m but there's no squabbling just the occasional chase and a lot of feeling :)

The male pleco is growing his bristles very speedy while the female is very shy, and we also added in a 3rd long fin that we think is female, from a new (preowned) tank that I got that was full of em (more of that to come).

The rummy nose are now 5 strong and all doing great, up and down the tank all day patrolling the boat, and then hovering in the corner dispersed at night :]

We got a group of guppies as well, 2m 3f, all the females are pregnant but none have given birth yet, had them almost 4 weeks now! So shouldn't be long til they pop?

And, I found a Trigon 190 2nd hand that came with a lot of fish, have rehomed a bunch now and whats left are:
Two Discus, we think they are 'Red Cover', they have laid eggs but they went white and
they ate them :( fingers crossed though!
Two Longfin Bristlenose plecs, they've mated a lot, lovely fish but I'm trying to rehome them as well to keep the tank nice and pristine for the Discus (they were in quite bad shape but seem to be perking up and doing quite well now!)
About 50 bristlenose babies from 3-5cm that I'll rehome in a week or so (rehomed around 50 already today in the lfs :) )

Cheers guys will keep you posted :)

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