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conger 01-19-2009 09:47 PM

Cleaning plumbing
I am curious to know how others clean the plumbing in their saltwater tanks, if at all. How often?

For example, say someone has a sump, UV, and other bells and whistles, all connected through a nice hard-plumbed pipe system. Reef-ready tank, with durso standpipe in the overflow(s). What a pain that all must be to disassemble! I'm curious to know how, and how often, such a setup would/should be cleaned?

onefish2fish 01-19-2009 10:03 PM

vinegar is great! just if your cleaning hydor Ks remove the suction cup as the vinegar will make that soft and not as good as it was previous.

i also added some unions to my plumbing when i did my tank this way i can easily uncrew parts and pieces when needed.

i clean them when the time calls for it if that helps

conger 01-19-2009 10:11 PM

do you have anything that you snake through the pipes? Or just run water/vinegar through them? By using unions, can you completely disassemble your plumbing, or only sections? If parts, how do you clean the parts that are fixed/fastened in-place? And finally, how do you know "when the time calls for it"?

As much detail as possible will help me and any other readers who are interested in this topic :-D

onefish2fish 01-19-2009 10:30 PM

i have a union to remove my pump from my sump, i take it out, uncrew it off my mag9.5, i have an extra mag9 that i replace it with and soak the pump in vinegar to clean it then i rinse it with RO water and put it away until next time. i can remove sections with the unions and some parts are screwed together so i can remove them. stomatalla snails are all over everything so i pick off as many as possible then ill rinse the plumbing in the sink and let it completely dry then replace. i really cant give you a time frame, i just do it hear and there lol, you'll also know if something is clogged where your going to have to clean it. ive had a snail crawl down my durso and get stuck in 1 - 90 degree fitting i had, by the time i realized something was stuck the snail was already dead but it was hard to even notice something was caught because my plumbing splits going to either end of the sump.

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