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dominicanpapi82 12-24-2006 12:24 AM

Brine shrimp vivarium tank size
I wanted to get a simple 1 gallon tank for brine shrimp. I only want them to occasionally feed my guppies live food. I have a 10 gallon tank for the guppies, but may be upgrading.

My plan was to throw some eggs in there and let them go, but the girl at the fish tank says you should really do a 10 GALLON tank for growing brine shrimp.

Is this really true?

St6_Devgru 12-24-2006 12:27 AM

depends on how much brine shrimp you gon grow.if you fill your 1 gal tank make sure there is like 2 inches of empty water to make sure your brine are healthy (imo)

fish_4_all 12-24-2006 03:03 PM

This seems like a descent article for growng brine shrimp. I have seen brewers yeast used and egg yolk finely mashed and mixed in water. The key is to not overfeed so the water doesn't foul.

I think a 10 gallon is too big but a 1 might be too small. A 2.5 or a 5 would work better and this would also allow you to airate the tank and even use a sponge filter. The results could be a self sustaining culture that you don't have to add newly hatched shrimp to although a refresher might be good once in a while. If you have the room, a 10 gallon would work, just need to have a slightly larger culture and won't catch as many with the net. I have also read that a fine mesh "fish" not shrimp net is sued when you do this to leave the immature shrimp and some of the smaller adults in order to keep the culture running.

Just make sure to keep the salinity and specific gravity where it needs to be and they should do fine.

dominicanpapi82 01-04-2007 09:50 PM

I think I'll be starting a very small brine shrimp tank soon. Does anyone have instructions, tips, or links for how to make a self-sustaining rectangular brine shrimp tank?

caferacermike 01-13-2007 09:39 PM

i thought the eggs needed to dry out before being ready for hatching later? Keep in mind that brine shrimp do not fall in salt water or freshwater categories. The lakes they are found in are like nothing else. There is a place online called Brine Shrimp Direct that will explain it all. They sell the "proper" brine mixtures...

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