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Discusgirl18 01-13-2009 05:17 PM

Are there any eels that I can put in with my community fish with out them getting eatin or picked on?

aunt kymmie 01-13-2009 05:28 PM

What do you currently have in your community tank??

catfishtabbi 01-13-2009 07:00 PM

Another aveneu of thought would be which eel won't eat my lil' fish.Be careful many eels eat small feeders like the tire track, peacock so many i don't know all thier manes. Look at loaches also like the yo-yo.

Discusgirl18 01-13-2009 08:22 PM

I have guppies, Mollies, rasbora heteromorpha, Dwarf graumi, Fem betta, an angel fish, ghost shrimp, and a gold dojo loach. I am going to add some tetras too.

aunt kymmie 01-13-2009 10:18 PM

I wouldn't put an eel in the tank with fish you mentioned. I think an eel would have a field day with the shrimp and smaller guppies. Not sure how a dojo would do with an eel??

Discusgirl18 01-15-2009 11:28 AM

Thanks my dojo loach is eel enough for me lol.

Mikaila31 01-16-2009 02:01 AM

Typhlonectes natans- rubber eel/ caecilian worm.

It's an amphibian not a real eel, max size 2 feet, they are blind, great escape artists and look kinda like aquatic snakes. The are pretty hard to find though:-(. You may not like the look of them:lol:, alot of my guests find them creepy. I have an adult pair, they have been with small fish for over a year now. I trust them 100% not to eat the fish. I have some expensive fish in with them, but I've raised them since they were a foot long. That said they definitely have the potential to eat fish, especially those stupid expensive ones that sit on their heads:-). I'm planning on putting some pygmy corys in with them. IMO its cuz they have never eaten fish before, they don't know........ or they are just lazy..... its probably cuz they are lazy......

onefish2fish 01-16-2009 02:18 AM

interesting, however a 2 foot eel will over grow this persons tank

aunt kymmie 01-17-2009 12:09 AM

To me they look like a hand puppets! They look like they belong in a science fiction fantasy movie. I love science fiction fantasy. Two feet AND escape artists? Yikes.

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