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qk607 01-12-2009 07:35 PM

What stage am I in cycling?
Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone can tell me what stage I am in the cycling process. Right now I'm cycliing a 20 gal tank. It's been about a week and I've been using the fishless method where im adding clear Ammonia. Its been about a week and here are my readings

Ammonia- 5 (I've added 2 doses in order to keep it at 5 mg/L. the last dose was 4 days ago)
Nitrite- 2.0
Nitrate- 20

Now does it seem weird to you? The level of ammonia has remained high for the past 4 days, though it should be able to handle big loads of ammonia, the nitrite levels are nowhere near peak, but i still have a pretty large amount of Nitrate.

Where do you think I'm at? If im on the verge of the nitrite peak, should'nt the tank be able to handle large amounts of Ammonia? Its been four days since I added the 2nd dose, and it still reads the same thing. Which made me guess that the nitrite forming bacteria hasn't cultured yet, so why am I getting any nitrate at all? Weird

1077 01-13-2009 03:57 AM

I seem to recall that you were having some difficulty locating ammonia that did not contain SURFACTANTS which as a detergent would destroy bacteria that is trying to develop.
What test kit are you using? Did you add any material from any other tanks to the 20 ?

Twistersmom 01-13-2009 08:03 AM

When did you first start getting a nitrite reading? I have found in the past once I get nitrites, things start to pick up fast. I would guess in the next week you ammonia will go to zerro, and a few days later, nitrites zerro. As for nitrates, it is possible your water source cotains nitrates or did you add a cycle product that contains nitrates?

qk607 01-14-2009 09:58 PM

Yes I was having trouble find 100% pure ammonia. I found that it is very difficult to find pure ammonia where I live. So, I stuck with clear ammonia with surfactants. I've did some research and found some people who used it before with no problem, so long as you do a 95-100% water change when cycled.

I've been using the API freshwater test kits.

No that you mentioned it, I did add some Cycle, that bacteria supplement thing. Do you think it would cause something?

Twistersmom 01-15-2009 07:19 AM

Sometimes cycle products contain nitrates.That could be why you got a nitrates reading before a nitrite reading. I would say since you are doing a fishless cycle and dont have to worry about high nitrates, having them in the tank could only be good.

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