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Noodle 01-12-2009 09:50 AM

My Rope Fish has Stopped Eating =[
Info about my tank/fish: I'm a little new to the forum here, but I had a question concerning my rope fish. I've had the species before, having had two for pets while I was in highschool, and I came to acquire another just recently. He's in a spacious tank (currently alone aside from feeder guppies) and I plan on getting a bichir or perhaps another rope for his company. He has a variety of places to hide and find peace if neccessary (rocks, homemade pipe tunnels underneath the gravel, castles...). I don't have a light on my tank, and he gets at least 12 hours of total darkness a day.

Onto my problem: I have had this particular fish since Thursday and he has not eaten as far as I am aware. His guppies are still swimming safely about, the shrimp continue to float around uneaten. I understand they feed at night, but I have kept a careful eye on the amount of food that disappears and it really seems that he isn't eating at all. I fear he is unhappy or sick. I tried feeding him bloodworms instead, and he didn't touch those either. He isn't sluggish or lethargic, seems quite active really. He has been surfacing a lot more than I would expect usual, I keep waiting for him to try and leap out but I have a secure lid in place regardless.

Any help would be much appreciated, maybe I'm just an overly worried parent! :-D If you need any more information about my tank or situation just let me know, thanks.

iamntbatman 01-13-2009 03:56 PM

How big is the fish? If he's still small you might want to try live blackworms. It's been several days but he's still fairly new to the tank so he may just be getting used to his surroundings. You could also check with the store where you bought him and find out what they were feeding him. Who knows, maybe you have one that was raised on pellets?

Noodle 01-13-2009 05:43 PM

Thank you for your reply! I did call the store, and they said that he was always fed live guppies, which is also where I recieved the guppies he has in the tank with him at the time. Since my last post, I also tried a little bit of dried shrimp, but he won't touch those either. He's about six inches long, I'm not sure of his age. Maybe he's just getting used to his new tank, like you said, but I'll take your advice on the live worms if you think he's still small enough?

Thanks! =]

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