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Agent13 06-12-2013 10:05 AM

Zucchini to the rescue?? lol
Right now my Africans are divided up between 3 qt tanks for at least another couple days.. maybe even a week. Well 3/20g and having to establish whos the big dog of each tank has caused some aggression. Fin nipping chasing..general bullying but nothing worse *fingers crossed*. But I discoverd a way to satisfy their need to murder something lol. Zucchini! Not blanched or softened. I have always given it to them every couple days any way but now I clip it in 2 different areas of each tank and don't soften it and they stoped fighting! Why do people say to blanch it anyway? My other tanks eat it just fine when its fresh. I don't know if this trick will translate the same when they go back into the big tank but I don't see why not. They actually attack the zucchini like it really pissed them off and they are making sure it dies a painfull death ALL DAY long haha. I honestly don't know whos the tank boss anymore in any of the QT tanks.. they just "boss" the veggies.
Tell me if I'm doing something wrong though. Is it OK for them to eat zucchini everyday(yes they get their other foods ). All mbuna's except my sunshine peacock and the Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus who doesn't really bother the zucchini or anyone else.

djembekah 06-13-2013 02:45 AM

I have no idea but now I want zucchini. thanks ;)

maybe its just a good distraction? idk much about africans.
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AndrewM21 06-21-2013 10:21 PM

People recommend blanching it prior so that it makes the vegetable softer and easier to digest by the fish.

You will notice aggression in your QT tanks because they are likely not a suitable size to house the fish for a long period, thus forcing them to "compete" for space. A majority of cichlids are very very territorial and will defend their corner to the death, or attack another corner to further establish their "territory".

You'll notice a decrease in aggression when they are moved to a main aquarium with sufficient space, although you will likely see no change in the aggression of the dominant fish, which is normal.

Agent13 06-22-2013 12:38 AM

Oh I know. Completely aware and feel guilty too. I had them in there then realized the overflow box was not just huge and ugly but took their floor space. So I took them out and ripped the tank apart. But even in there a bit of aggression was being shown. However new tank new rocks to claim. I get it. Just seems like tey fight until they pass by a veggie clip and are like" chase?? chase who? Food!! yum! kill Zucchini". Like a super ADD bully. It is my fault for not realizing before hand that I hated that ugly thing. But sometimes I gotta learn the hard way. an dfor a semi noob.. wel that was fin ripping apart a tank and totally redoing everything.

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