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steelerfan 01-09-2009 08:47 AM

Blue Ram spawn Q
Hi all, got 2 pairs of GBR a week ago, they seem to have already paired off, at least one pair for sure, and are digging nests in the substrate, just curious how long B4 they get busy :lol:. It is a community tank, so I'm sure many/all of the eggs/fry will be eaten, but if they're prolific I may get an isolation tank for them, but not sure yet. Thanks!

cerianthus 01-09-2009 01:01 PM

If setting up breeding tank, do so before they spawn. Need sponge filter which should be hooked up to main tank for few days if possible. When ready to set up, use waster from main tank along with thin layer of gravel. Hook up sponge filter. Add flat surface rock or chemical free flowerpot (lay FP to its side). Should add some plant to relax them somewhat. Move the pair and they will do their thing after that. just monitor water condition very closely since new set up. Cichlids are very good parent. Will try to attack your finger when put aginst glass near their nest. When doing water changes after hatching, will have better result if new water is well aged even dechlorinator is used. Fry being more sensitive, better to age the tap water(bucket, air pump w/ stone and heater). I've had many epxperiences where all the fry perished w/ one small error. Need to do more small frequent water changes in fry tank due to overfeeding (fry can find food as easily as adult).

Try feeding parent better food (frozen bloodworm, mosquito larvae,etc) so that they can produce hearlthier clutch of eggs.

Good Luck and Enjoy.

steelerfan 01-09-2009 02:30 PM

Thanks for the great advice! As this tank did house discus for a while, I have home-made food consisting of shrimp, salmon, banana, peas and garlic that they all seem to dig pretty good, plus some flakes for good measure. We'll see what happens!

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