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JHK30 01-05-2009 07:23 PM

Outdoor filter for aquarium?
In the summer I am putting a 20 gallon long tank out in my yard or on my deck and I want to put feeder goldfish, snails, tadpoles, ect. In it and grow them up. I just need to know how to make a diy filter. so it wont go all brown, cloudy and unable to see the habitants.

If I put it on the deck there is a outlet I can plug it into. but if it rains the extention cord wont be good. but the plugs have that thing where they detect water the pop and it doesnt let electricity thru. so I guess its alright to put an extention cord out there. I can just cover it with plastic so it can stay as dry as possible.

Comments, Suggestions, Help? is very very welcomed! and appreciated. :-D

(or if you know a easy diy pond that doesn't involve digging holes or pouring sment. I am 14 and I still live under my parents roof. Which it wont be easy to convince them to let me dig trenches in my yard or poor rivers of sment. LOL)

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