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adrenln 01-05-2009 07:07 PM

breaking all the rules
ok guys, i have to admit that i break alot of the cichlid keeping rules. im not bragging in anyway. i just set up my aquarium the way i wanted it. i keep a close eye on things such as agression levels. if it is a real problem i will get rid of certain fish and replace them.

overall i have a mixed cichlid tank. mostly africans in here but i do have 3 americans. i know you are not supposed to do that. furthermore i have all different africans, like a 5 bar, peacock, acei, kenyi, tropheus...then i have the green terror and 2 firemouths. total of 10 fish there are others in the mix too. i will be gett 100 gallon tank when the fish get bigger that is a good thing. the only one that is reallya problem at this point is the firemouth beats up the other pretty bad. there is normal cichlid agression and territories. i even have a mystery snail crawling around.

the point is i have a mixed bag and the other day i wound up with fry! i couldnt believe it because of the conditions of the tank and the fish in it. the mother is a red peacock. i do have a alunocara ruby red peacock male in there too. i just dont think he was the father. the acei way doing the mating shimmy all the time when next to the female peacock. then hed chace her and she would hide. i noticed she wasnt eating but i thought she was sick or stressed from him. i never thought the two would breed. the whole time i thought she was sich she had the eggs in her mouth.

yesterday i went to buy a little tank for her. got her into it and she spit out 6 babies. i think she spit some in the main tank and they were eaten before i knew of the situation.

anyway. i know cross breeding in look down upon but it is what it is. besides i will keep them for my own hobby so no harm done.

so, is this mix possible even. how did she become pregnant under the circumstances? there are only 3 females in the tank of 10 the rest are males.

what do you guys make of it? i hope they survive. i have them in a baby crate mom is back in population. im feeding them and am interested to see what they look like as they grow so i can determin what happend.

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