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JHK30 01-01-2009 12:04 PM

R.I.P all my fish that died.
These are some of the fish that died. Not all at the same time but the ones that I can remember. weather it be since 5 years to 1 day ago. they are on this list.

R.I.P to my 2 favorite guppys that I have had since birth because my mommy guppy gave birth to them, they were very special to me, all the other guppys from that batch look the same but those 2. they died from mr. mean my red tail shark

R.I.P to my black skirt tetra, I wasn't really close to this one but I still was sad for the death. he died from mr. mean my red tail shark

R.I.P to my sword tail that I was pretty close to, he died from age.

R.I.P to my balloon molly, I was super close to this one. He was always my favorite, he died from age

R.I.P to my pleco, I wasnt that close to him yet, I just got him for my 2nd 10 gallon (when I had small tanks) and he died. when he died he was rock hard and floating :-?

R.I.P to my platy, I was really close to her, she was alive for a long time and was one of my first fish I ever got.

R.I.P to my guppy, she was the very first fish that I ever gotten and that ever died. she died while giving birth to guppys. she only managed to have one which got eaten :cry:

R.I.P to my gold fish named golden link, My mentaly retarted ex friend named him that after a character from zelda. He died from over feeding. I was only 8

I have lots more R.I.P's but thats enough for now. thanks for taking the time to read this :-D

willow 01-01-2009 03:30 PM

:( never nice to say goodbye to your wet pets.

JHK30 01-01-2009 03:32 PM

or dry. or any living thing!. I sometimes get sad when my plants die. I work so hard to grow them and care for them. and they die.

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